Cat Litter

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hello - July 11

i have a question about cat litter. i know as a pregnant woman i am not supposed to clean the litter box, but can i do it if i wear gloves?


nikki - July 11

i hear that u should stay away from it as best u can. there is some sickness u can get from it. i've read that chances r u've probably had it already if u've had a cat for an extended period of time. the symptoms of it are similar to that of the flu so it is mistaken for the flu quite often. if u have had it already ur probably safe but theres really no way of knowing so to be on the safe side get someone else to scoop the poop. =)


Charlene - July 11

If you must, you should wear a mask. It is something in the cat litter that can affect your pregnancy, not sure if it can lead to miscarriage or other issues. You can use an on-line search engine to find out more


dani - July 11

I hope this helps you......... Sources contaminated with toxoplasmosis are somewhat easy to avoid. If you have a cat, get someone else to help empty the litter or protect yourself with gloves and carefully dispose of the cat litter. Minimize contact with uncooked meats and wash your hands more frequently. Contaminated soil is responsible for up to 17% of all toxoplasmosis cases and is the area where women are least informed. If you enjoy gardening, be sure to protect yourself against this infection by wearing gloves and carefully washing your hands. It has been found that traveling to countries outside of Europe, the United States or Canada could increase chances of acquiring toxoplasmosis. Therefore, if pregnant and traveling abroad, take extra precautions to ward yourself against ingesting the parasite


hello - July 11

thank you so much for all the valuable info!!


Val - July 12

I was told my an a__sistant in my doctor's office today that the toxoplasmosis transmission can happen from breathing in the dust from the litter/poop... so if you have to clean the box, avoid dumping it into a bag and breathing the dust produced. A mask probably is a good idea.



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