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Melissa - March 30

Does anybody know the affects a cat may have on a pregnancy. I'm going to see my boyfriend tomorrow and he has a cat. I haven't been there since I found out I was pregnant. Is it safe?


C - March 31

I don't think you have to worry Melissa -I have only heard that changing the kitty litter box can be unsafe while pregnant.


Melissa - March 31

C, thank you.


RG - March 31

I've heard the same as C...there are some sort of toxic fumes from the kitty don't go near it! Good luck.


D - March 31

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the fumes might be ammonia?? I don't think you should have any problems - just stay out of the litter! (You really wanted to get in it, right? HAH!) A good extra precaution would be to wash your hands after touching the cat.


V - March 31

Hi Melissa, Don't worry too much about the cat. If you have been around it for a while you will develop an immune to it and the disease that can be found in the feces can also be found in raw meat. I have 2 cats and are in the "cat" argument with my inlaws. I am almost 9wks and have done lots of reading up on the effects of cats. Like everyone else said just stay away from the litter.


Gwiip - April 1

The problem is a germ called toxiplasma it is found in the gut and mouths of cats especially kittens. If you have spent regular time around your boyfrends cat have not been bitten, have had nothing to do with the kitty litter & the cat is not a kitten. Then you pretty much need to have a really bad imune system to have trouble.


Lynn - April 1

You really only have to worry about the cat litter. Although, it is also a good idea to wash your hands after handling the cat just to be safe. If the cat is an indoor only cat that has no contact w other cats, the chance that is has that particular disease is slim.


EE - April 1

Being around the cat is fine, just don't change or scoop the litter box, you could get comes from a bacteria found in some cats. Also, this bacteria can be found in dirt, so you should try to stay away from gardening while you are pregnant...if you do garden, wear gloves.


clarity - April 2

Dont worry about the peepee its the poopoo. The poo poo of cats that are fed raw meat. Cats that are ALWAYS indoors and are NEVER fed raw meat are safe. Indoor/Outdoor cats are riskier because who knows how many birds kitty might have munched on. Most cat owners have already had toxoplasmosis. It is aquired by accidentally ingesting infected cat feces. Your doctor can test you to see if you have had it. If you have, you are immune and no worries! Your vet can test your cat to see if it currently has it. Don't change the litter box, if you can have some one else do it. if you have to do it, wash thoroughly afterwards. Do the same after playing with kitty too. I have several indoor/outdoor kitties but never had toxo. I am happy to say that I did not get it during my pregnancy either. I just followed the precautions these ladies have already pointed out. Good Luck!


clarity - April 2

And please do wear gloves and wash up after gardening just like EE said


Angela (aka no patience) - April 2

My grandfather is a parasitologies, so I can get down and dirty with this subject. First, I will admit that I'm pregnant, and I have a cat. Cats themselves ARE NOT dangerous. Its a bacteria called toxo plasmosis that they can contract from raw meat/ hunting mice and outside rodents, etc... It is found in the cat's feses, and the spores can go air born. If your boyfriends cat is an outdoor cat, try to stay away from the litter box as much as possible and wash your hands after playing with the cat. If he/she is an indoor cat, and has never hunted or killed, you are probably in the clear. You'll probably be fine. Congratulations!!!!! p.s. This is a good excuse to put hubby/boyfriend on litter duty!!!!! :)


taylor - April 14

my cat is really young how do i know if she is going to have babies and if they r going to be ok and if she will be ok


Lily - April 14

It's the litterbox that's unsafe. There's a bacteria or parasite (? I'm not exactly sure) that is suppose to be very harmful to you and baby. My doc, advised me to even steer clear of cats just to be safe...But he said it was the litterboxes most of all not to go near. Good Luck!


Justine - April 15

Melissa Cats are fine just don't change its litter box as you can get toxiplasmas.I'm pregnant and have a kitten - the biggest problem with her is making sure she doesn't jump on my stomach as she likes to leap around but older cats are slower than kittens so less of a problem. You should wash your hands before eating as always.


Nadine - April 15

Weird--I just came back from the hospital were I saw my cousin's leg all ulcerated because her kitty punctered her leg as she crawled up it. I guess there was bacteria in the nails (because of the bas____nt floor or licking herself clean). She's not pregnant, I am...I would stay away if possible--meaning no touching the cat or letting it crawl on you (watch out for those punctures).



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