Causes Of Misscarraige

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KSM - February 13

does anyone know why they miscarried if they have?


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 13

i never found out, because i was so emotional stress out over it that i had my d&c and put it behind me. now i am 8.5 wks and paranoid!


debbie80 - February 13

My first one I didnt have tested because I was only 5.5 weeks prego and my second one I lost at 9 weeks was a chromozone problem. The little one stopped growing at 6.2 weeks.. I go for my 12 week scan on Thursday and I am paranoid and scared to be let down once again....ugh, why is it that pregnancy is supposed to be a joyess occa__sion for us and it never is until we get past the first trimester..this will be my first if it continues...I pray that it will =)


ChattyKathy - February 13

The majority of miscarriages happen because of chromosomal problems. So, i'm a__suming thats what mine was from. I m/c'd at 5w3d and am now pregnant at 12w1d. Everythings going well so far.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 13

Well mine was because I was having twins and the fetal pole didn't grow properly


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 13

Oh the fetal pole stopped growing between 5 and 6 weeks, but I miscarried at 9 weeks...I am 11 weeks (I believe) and so far seems to be good.


Tammy276 - February 13

as chattykathy said, most m/c happen due to a chromosomal abnormality and often, the m/c happens so early on that woman don't know why and don't take the tissue in to get tested. Usually they will only test the tissue to find out what happened if you have a history of repeat m/c.


kristie h - February 13

Hi, My 1st loss was a molar pregnancy. I lost it at 8 weeks but found out the baby had died at my 12 weeks scan. My 2nd loss i was just over 5 weeks. The doctor did a blood HCG test and my levels were very low so i think that pregnancy had not implanted properly or i ovulated too late to sustain the pregnancy.


margie - February 15

i just miscarried and didn't get any testing, but the doctor gave indication to my boyfriend that the fetus didn't look quite normal when i had my D&C so there was something going wrong with the development


lqtoo - February 16

My miscarriage was a blighted ovum due to a chromosomal problem.


kimberly - February 16

My friend misscarried at 12 weeks b/c of a subchrionic hematoma. This usually won't effect the pregnancy. It is happens when the egg implants on a blood vessel and causes it to burst and then it forms a hematoma. She miscarried once the placenta tried to take over function b/c it could not attach properly



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