Cervical Biopsy During Pregnancy

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Tootsie5c - November 7

I'm almost 12 weeks pregnant and yesterday I went in for a colposcopy (when they look at your cervix with a microscope) after an abnormal pap smear. When I went in for the procedure I was given a consent form to sign that just explained what a colposcopy was. There was a section on the consent form that said they may do a biopsy, but the nurse crossed it all out because she said there's no way they can do a biopsy when you're pregnant, they'll just have to monitor it if it looks suspicious. I signed it and the doctor came in and started the procedure. About five minutes in he told me that he needs to do a biopsy and he went ahead and did it. I was so shocked and upset and in a lot of pain, and he didn't give me time to respond. When he was finished I asked him if there's any way that could of hurt my baby and he told me that he can't say it won't, but its unlikely. Has anyone else had a biopsy during pregnancy? I'm having some bleeding today but I think its from the cervix and I just don't feel well. If anything happens to my baby I'll sue. I didn't sign off on that! Sorry for the bit of a rant, I'm just scared and frustrated.


sashasmama - November 7

Did he do biopsy or Leep? There are different kinds of biopsy. Maybe the nurse was talking about not doing the cone biopsy, it's when they remove a cone shaped piece from your cervix. But the colposcopy is usually followed by biopsy, that's what it's for in the first place - to see where to take a sample from. All they do is just take little samples of your cervix to do further testing. And if the cells look severely damaged, then they might perform Leep. I had that done.


Erin61877 - November 7

I'd be calling and speaking with the nurse and say you told me he wouldn't do it and he did it anyway and I didn't sign off on that. Start the ball rolling just in case it might be an issue. Never hurts to be safe.


jezebel1018 - November 7

i had a colposcopy recently tootsie,the bleeding is from the little cut on the cervix, not from inside your uterus. i bled for about 5 days, and weird green stuff came out (which they a__sured me was perfectly normal) if you werent pregnant they would have done the biopsy anyway, just for a baseline, but if he did it even though you are pregnant then that means he saw something he needs to check out. but dont worry. my gf was diagnosed w/cervical cancer during her pregnancy and received treatment on her cervix during pregnancy without any complications. they wont risk your baby. hang in there.


ShoppingForTwo - November 7

Yes, if something happens you can for sure sue. That's not right. They shouldn't be worried about that during your pregnancy. I have a friend who has hpv and since she's pregnant they wouldn't even give her the results of her biopsy that she had BEFORE she was pregnant. Her doctor said it didn't matter and if she needed treatment they could give it to her until after her son was born. The cervix is EVERYTHING when it comes to pregnany. That's what keeps the baby IN! He shouldn't be tampering with it or doing anything to it that weakens it ONE BIT! That's serious! Hey Sashasmama, what's the LEEP surgery for? HPV? Cancerous cells? I don't know sorry. Erin is absolutely right! I would call asap and get the ball rolling. I see we have some mixed opinions on this thread, maybe you should research it.


sashasmama - November 7

The biopsy is when they take small samples of cells from the surface of the cervix. They are not chunks or anything like that. Leep is a completely painless procedure that follows a biopsy (if they find any cancerous cells usually in "severe" stage of development). They use a loop shaped electrode and take off the outer layer of your cervix. Now this doesn't mean that the samples they take are big chunks, or they cut a chunk out of your cervix. But if they do find that the cancerous cells are starting to spread or have already spread to the mid cervix, they do a cone biopsy, where they actually cut out a cone shaped piece. This is what it says on WebMD "If a cervical biopsy is needed during a colposcopy, the risk of any harm to the pregnancy (such as miscarriage) is very small. However, you may have more bleeding from the biopsy. A colposcopy may be repeated about 6 weeks after delivery."


Brendansmom - November 8

I had a colposcopy done just before 12 weeks. It is ok to do in the first trimester and shouldn't cause a problem. I had it done during my first pregnancy and I was a complete wreck. There were absolutely no side effects. I really didn't spot that much either. I'm guessing the nurse spoke before she knew what she was talking about. Try not to worry too much, your baby should be perfectly fine.



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