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lucy206 - April 27

Has anyone experienced a lot of CM during their pregnancy? Not to be gross - in the morning I have a creamy discharge - by night it really isn't anything - if I do it is clear. I have heard this is normal. But I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced it.


emilymalm - April 27

I'm 15 weeks and have had that since I found out I was pregnant at 4wk 4d. I asked my doc about it and she said it was very normal and tends to increase throughout the pregnancy. Some women get so much, they wear pantiliners.


MuzikGurl - April 27

funny..I am between6-7 weeks and I haven't noticed hardly any changes in my CM is that bad?? I mean, I heard I am supossed to have a lot..but there are times during the day or night I'm dry...how come??? help.


Nat22 - April 28

Lucy... i just found out I am about 4 weeks pregnant and I am having creamy cm as well. I always read that if you concieve your cm will become more and more clear & stretchy, but mine has not been like that at all! Mine is only white and creamy (sorry if this is too graphic), so I think it can be normal as well.


Jennifer28 - April 28

I hadn't really been worried about it until this morning. Speaking of TMI... I just went to the bathroom and discovered a very large ma__s of CM. It was VERY stretchy but it wasn't clear... It scared the heck out of me. I'm so glad I found this thread. It makes me feel a bit better. :) I hate calling my dr. all the time. Although I do have to put in a call this morning, so maybe I'll just ask about it anyway.


Jennifer28 - April 28

BTW- I am 8w5d. :)


MuzikGurl - April 28

See, how come I am not having stretchy white or clear CM like everyone else....=( is there something wrong with me??? is this nesseccary to have??? I'm scare now. but I doubt you guys care considering I mean, after i responded two other people responded but course no one acknowledges...ok. sorry to interupt ur thread. bye.=(


lucy206 - April 29

Thanks for all the responses. Muzikgurl - I don't think anything is wrong with you - everybody gets different symptoms. For example - my b___bs really don't hurt (which I heard alot) mine just feel fuller. If you are really worried - ask your doctor.


Nat22 - April 29

MukizGirl- I am not having clear or stretchy CM at all either.... mine is just milky white and NO stretchyness. So you're not alone with this one. How far along are you? I just found out I am 5w5days. I read that is it okay for your CM to just be milky white and not stretchy, just as long as it's not irritating and itchy or you might have a yeast infection.



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