CF Screening

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kristinns25 - February 6

My CF screening came back positive as a carrier which I was pretty sure I was anyway. My brother had cystic fibrosis. The lab called yesterday and wanted my husband to come in for his screening this morning. I am so nervous... No one in his family has ever had the disease or any other problems. My doctor just asked if I would like to be screened and I said yes just for peace of mind.... the results definately will not affect my decision to have this baby. Just wanted to vent.... I will let everyone know the results which will take about a week!


margie - February 6

a friend of mine growing up had was sad, but she had a good life and affected a lot of people, im really happy that this doesn't affect your decision. good luck! i just said a prayer for you..let us know how it goes.


Please_be_A _girl - February 8

kristinns25: I have 2 nephews that have CF (ages 7 and 4) and my sister found out with the 7 year old when he was 2 and she was 3 months pregant with the 4 year old at the time and did and amnio to have him tested and he was positive as well. Dont get to worried you both have to be a carrier and then theres only a 25% chance that your child will have CF- Worse case is that the baby has it and I can say that they even in the last couple years have made amazing steps to stregthen the life of people with disease and I remaining very hopeful for a cure or gene therapy. My entire family is very envolved with the CFF and would be willing to answer any questions you may have. please feel free to email me at wesleykylee at charter dot net .


kristinns25 - February 8

thanks please be a girl! I know alot about the disease but I am sure I will have questions. Just still praying that hubby isn't a carrier!!! My brother had CF and pa__sed away 10 years ago. He was 16. It is just scary to think about the whole ordeal!


kristinns25 - February 15

Just wanted to let everyone know that my dh's CF screen came back negative so we are all relieved. Now we can breathe a little easier!!


Please_be_A _girl - February 16

So glad to hear Kristin!!!



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