Chance Of Miscarriage

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haleysmom - February 9

I'm just 7 weeks on tuesday I had an ultrasound and saw the baby w/ a great hb of 151. My doctor had my progesterone tested because I've had a previous mc. The level was 11. I've read that 9 - 47 is normal. But since it was on the low side of normal he started me on a proegesterone pill(can't remember the name). Do you think this level is to low? Are my chances for miscarriage increased now?


knpandrews - February 9

Hi Haleysmom... I am in the same boat as you. I to miscarried about a year ago and my progesterone then was very low. I am now pregnant again and had my progesterone checked on tues. it was 8.88 my doc said that it should be at 10 because of where i am in wks. I am a little over 5 wks. The doctor started me on prometrium and is having me insert it v____ally each night. I am suppose to have another BETA test done tomorrow to check again. I dont think your chance of M/C is increased because of the progresterone only because my doc. told me not to worry. She said that she will tell me when it is time to worry. So lets just try and relax and maybe help each other through this. I had a question as well though... my b___bs yesterday were extremely sore. But today they are barely sore. Do you think that is ok. I get worried because when i M/C last time I had lost all symptoms.


haleysmom - February 9

I wouldn't worry to much about your b___bs not being soar. It seemed until I was 6 weeks my symptoms would come and go. It was until 6 weeks that they seemed consistent.


Trish# - February 9

Hi ladies. I can offer some advice. I had a chemical pg in Oct and my prog. was 10.7 about 13 dpo. My hCG was low too, so I knew a chemical was possible. I was put on prog. support (the v____al suppositories...I hate them! gross!) immediately. It did not help and I lost the embryo. I asked my (fertility) dr. if I had started the supps sooner, would they have saved my pg. He said not at all. He said that prog. is dictated by the quality of the egg you produce. Ie, I just produced a bad egg that cycle. I then moved on from clomid to injections (to stimulate ovulation, which I have problems with). With those type drugs, my dr. automatically prescribes the v____al prog. suppositories a day after ovulation. Anyway, I got pg that cycle and will be 12wk on Sat!!! FYI, I am still on those nasty things and have been told to stay on them until my 12th week. They are basically just "insurance." Know that prog. is the hormone that sustains the pg. If it gets too low = red flags. My dr. does not like to see it get below 15, and said if mine did, he would increase my dose. Mine has ranged from 35-45 since my BFP. Also know that it causes extreme shortness of breath at levels like mine. It's just been killin' me. But hey, after 1 year of trying, I'll do anything. Best of luck to you both. FYI, seeing the HB is a GREAT sign and reduces your chance of m/c drastically.


Krista - February 9

If you've seen the hb already I wouldn't really worry about a miscarriage...I had a M/c last year so my doc knows I've been worried about it too. He just told me at my appt today that once you've seen the heartbeat...especially once it's above 120 that your risk of a M.C goes from 18% to 3%. =) I'm sure that progesterone pill will help with the low amount you have...and everything should be fine...I've heard of MANY women having low progesterone and just taking a pill to help. I've even heard of people having a threatened miscarriage and stopping it by taking progesterone pills. You should be fine...just dont stress about it...that increases your risk..remember? Just HAPPY mommy's around here! =)


Kim L - February 9

Hey girls: just a quick note - there is no clinical evidence that progesterone stops miscarriages from happening. My doctor doesn't even prescribe them UNLESS you are using fertility treatements or doing IVF or something, in which they are essentially telling your body what to do. I still say what the heck, try it! It beats nothing, and it makes a lot of women feel better to be doing SOMETHING to help. Just to make you feel better haleysmom: there's a gal who has posted in other threads here and her progesterone, at one point during her pregnancy, dropped to 5. Her doctor didn't prescribe her supplements but she went on to have a healthy baby. Try not to worry too much!


haleysmom - February 9

thanks for the replies. I guess I'm just confused on these levels. I read 11 is normal but on the very low end of normal. Since I've already seen a great hb is my risk for miscarriage as high. Ughh this is so stressful.



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