Chances Of Another Missed Miscarriage

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lea1 - November 17

hi everyone i am sorry to bore u all again with my morbid question i prob asked the same one last time i miscarried, im panicking i guess as i have a scan on tuesday when i should be 10 weeks 3 days. i had a scan at 7weeks 3 days and all was ok. this scan however i am totally dreading as its the same time as the last time i found out id mis-miscarried (if that makes n e sense??) i am so worried and its constantly in my head, im just wondering if its common to have a miscarriage in this way and whether the chances of me having another missed one are high or not. i guess im wanting to hear that its very rare and the chances of it are happening are low. my sickness eased off this week at about 9weeks 5 days and im worrying that is another sign it has happened....sorry to sound down etc, hope someone can reassure x


sarah21 - November 17

Morning sickness will sometimes ease up for a couple days and come back. It is definitely not always a bad sign! Maybe you're just lucky. Your chances of another miscarriage are not really much increased from a woman who hasn't miscarried before. Chances are everything is just fine. Even now at 22 weeks I sometimes worry about miscarrying even though this is my first pregnancy, and it haunted me almost constantly in the beginning of my pregnancy. Everyone experiences the fear and it's okay. Best of luck to you!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 17

Lea1 Im sure everything is fine, its perfectly normal to worry about miscarriage especially if you have had one before. Like Sarah this is my first pregnancy and Im constantly freaking out, I haven't had a u/s or heard the heartbeat yet or anything so Im nervous for my appointment in a couple weeks! Im at 9 and a half weeks and my morning sickness pretty much went away also, along with most of my other symptoms Im told its normal and that Im lucky lol. I dont know if its been proven or if its at all true but some people will tell you that if you have miscarried before and it wasn't anything that was wrong with you or your body then its highly UNlikely that you'll miscarry again, just have faith and TRY to stay positive. Good luck hon. and keep us posted!! -Heather<3


lea1 - November 17

hey thanks u two, im being super worried etc thanks for ur input g'luck to u guys to and ill post on tues after scan x


stefkay - November 18

Hi lea, I know your worry too as I've miscarried before as well. I know that women can m/c after seeing a heartbeat but it is pretty rare. Once you have a good u/s and baby is right on for growth and see a heartbeat chance of miscarriage goes way way down. (I think less than 3% or something like that) your last pregnancy that you miscarried, did you have a scan that was ok and then you later miscarried or were there small complications early on?


HeavenisMine - November 18

Morning sickness and symptoms tend to do that in the first trimester, it doesn't always mean miscarriage. I had a missed m/c back in december/january, and was supposed to be in my late eleventh week when I found out (was twelve weeks when I actually lost the baby.) I am actually due with a little girl tomorrow, and I got pregnant with her right after my m/c. Try not to fret, I dreaded my twelve week u/s, but sure enough a live baby. I wish you only the best!


Sally123 - November 18

The same exact thing happened to me, so I completely sympathize. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks, and now that I'm pregnant again, I'm TERRIFIED every time I go to get an ultrasound (I've had three so far). The good news is, I'm now 11.5 weeks, and the appointment I had two days ago went great and even heard the heartbeat. Oh, and also, my symptoms kind of went away around 9.5 or 10 weeks too, so I am sure everything is ok with you too. Let us know how things go! I'm sure they will be great!


lea1 - November 19

hey guys thanks for ur responces. stefkay...when i had a missed miscarriage before i didnt have an early scan just went for the 12 week scan, they said my uterous had continued growing to ten weeks but fetus stopped developing at 8weeks 5 day...i did go to the gp unit with cramps but he just told me they were growing pains. otherwise i had no other complications really. when i had my scan 3 weeks ago though all was ok, said the baby measured 12.7mm (how sweet!) and there was a strong heartbeat, i just hope its stilllike that tomorrow, i did ask her if the chance of miscarriage had gone down now ive seen a healthy heartbeat but she said it doesnt really make a difference as things can change from one day to the next. didnt get much sleep last night, woke at 4 am and have been up since then, i have to go to work soon and will probs be falling asleep at my desk x x


stefkay - November 19

lea, I guess all doctors are different, but I had a reproductive endocrinologist and a specialist in recurrent pregnancy loss tell me that the risk of miscarriage after seeing a healthy scan drops drastically so I don't know why your doctor would say differently. Oh well...some are just more cautious than others I think :) I guarantee you will have a great scan tomorrow!!! Keep us posted!


lea1 - November 20

hi guys thought id let u know...had my scan this am and i was crying b4 they did it got so worked up then i saw it on the screen moving n kickin all over! im not 10 weeks 3 days though im 11 weeks 5 days! cant believe it! xx


newlywed0915 - November 20

aw, thats great news lea! What a relief! Go buy yourself and baby some ice cream! Lol! I'm happy everything turned out okay for you hun!


lea1 - November 20

ah thank u babes! ice cream...mmm that sounds good, im into ben n jerry relieved n happy at the mo but im sure in a few days ill be stressing again, got next scan on the 18th jan...newleywed how far are u are u ok? x


hioannidis - November 20

lea1, I was reading the entire thread and I am so happy for you!!! I love to hear good news like that! I go for my 12 week scan on Dec 4th, man oh man I am so nervous...... but your story has given me some relief so thanks!!!!!!!!


lea1 - November 20

hioannidis try not to stress urself out too much as it really isnt good, wished id listened to my friends and u guys tellinme that cos this mornin i never been so worked up, but i guess its easier said then done really, is this ur first then? dont worry all will be fine. there is so much chast bout misscarriage thnk it plants seeds of doubt in your heads , i was trustin my gut this am and how wrong was i! good look sweets x


newlywed0915 - November 20

so far everything is okay, thanks Lea! I am 8 weeks and 3 days I'm basically in my 9th week. I had some bleeding in the earlier weeks, but it stopped. My first scan after some bleeding was so scary, but the baby was there, with a 140 hb! I get to hear the hb with Dh on November 30th! Doc says that once you hear the hb, the chances of a miscarriage are 1%. So I can't wait to get there! Pregnancy is no walk int he park. Its such a beautiful yet scary experience!!!!!!!!!!!!


hioannidis - November 20

lea1, I myself has had 3 m/c so needless to say, everyday I worry a little bit more, but to be honest I'm very hopeful this time and I have a good feeling that it's my turn! I still get scared and pray every single night. This forum is so great at keeping my spirits up! Love it!!!!!!!!


lea1 - November 22

newlywed, yer its so rea__suring hearing a heartbeat, i feel totally at ease now, well for a few weeks anyways! im not sure what the heartbeat was on our scan they never said but im sure if it wasnt ok theyd have said. if the heartbeats going so fast doesnt it mean a bot n vice versa a girl if u know what i mean? hioannidis...its a great forum isnt it i love it aswell its good ur feeling are so good this time did they do checks to see wh its happend, 3 times must have been heartwrenching for u,u sound like such a strong person =] xxxx



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