Chances Of Another Missed Miscarriage

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lea1 - November 22

newlywed, yer its so rea__suring hearing a heartbeat, i feel totally at ease now, well for a few weeks anyways! im not sure what the heartbeat was on our scan they never said but im sure if it wasnt ok theyd have said. if the heartbeats going so fast doesnt it mean a bot n vice versa a girl if u know what i mean? hioannidis...its a great forum isnt it i love it aswell its good ur feeling are so good this time did they do checks to see wh its happend, 3 times must have been heartwrenching for u,u sound like such a strong person =] xxxx


BreeWoot - June 3

I can relate to you I had a missed-Miscarriage too I'm now 8 weeks and 3 days I've seen the heartbeat at 6 weeks and 3 days I made her keep making sure it was there. But I still and always thinking what if it happen again and I don't know like last time I went 6 weeks still thinking there was a baby. My morning sickness is gone now too everyone keeps telling me to stop stressing out and everything is fine but I don't know how it scares me so much, I never want to go though that again and I keep thinking because I don't feel sick anymore it's a bad sign I don't have another appt until the 22nd maybe I am just freaking myself out I don't know I poke my belly all the time to make sure it is still hard I'm only 23 but I have a 6 year old now and am finally with someone who is there for me and her and been with him for a long time and we have waited for the day they told us but now all I do is worrie even after seeing the heartbeat maybe I am crazy I don't know...I'm just rambling I guess...I do have dreams that they tell me the baby is boy than when I have the baby it's a girl and I get wicked mad and yell at them i mean I would love a boy but I really don't care as long as the baby is healthy brinh pregant sure dose mess with you mind I think your body makes you forget everythihg you went though before so you'll do it again. lol...



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