Chapped Lips

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MrsShelton217 - March 5

Hey. My lips have been really dry and chapped feeling. The weather can't be blamed for this... is this a common thing during pregnancy. I know it can make your skin dry... but lips??


KWaits - March 5

My lips have been sooo chapped since finding out I was pg nine weeks ago. I find that Mary Kay soft lips keeps them pretty moist.


MrsShelton217 - March 5

Thanks. I use some mary kay stuff... i may try that.


Cathy2 - March 5

I have no idea but I have never had such badly chapped lips in my life! They literally bleed in the mornings!


afireinsideamanda - March 5

i know the feeling! mine got so chapped they split and bled! i got some blistex.... medicated...seems to help


Tammy276 - March 5

My lips were so bad in my first trimester, it was one of the first signs that made me think I was preggo (my friend complained of the same thing, which made me think..hhmmmm. am I?)....after the first trimester, they got better. I just made sure to drink lots of water and keep chapstick on them.


heather28 - March 5

I think it may have something to do w/ the fact that being preggo dries out your nose. Therefore we tend to sleep with our mouths open more. Which I'm guessing leads to drier lips. I use a humidifier at night. I think that helps. :) I also always put chapstick on before I go to bed.


charee - March 6

Hey- I am so guilty of this- NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER, but its really really important!! And being dehydrated can attribute to dry chapped lips, which i have really bad right now. My nose also gets really dry, and bleeds when i have to b__w it ALL the time because of pregnancy (i guess) congestion... anyway, drink water =)


MrsShelton217 - March 6

Speaking of staying well hydrated.... I CANT GET ENOUGH TO DRINK. I stay thirsty all the time. I have to limit my caffine intake, not just for pregnancy, but I have a mild heart condition that is aggravated when I drink a lot of caffine.... Anyway, yesterday when I got home I had a big gla__s of water and was still thirsty. I finally drank a can of Mountian Dew, and that seemed to help some, but about 30 minutes later I was back at the frigde getting another gla__s of water. The only thing that bothers me is that I have heard that one of the signs of gestational diabities (sp) is extreme thirst. Doesnt GD usually occur a little while later in pregnancy? I didn't think it was common to be this early... I think I will mention it to my doctor just in case. Better safe than sorry.


angelkitty - March 7

Same thing here ladies. I never really thought about it until I saw this post. I am 6wks preg and my poor lips have been chapped since the very beginning.


Peachtree - March 7

Hello everyone. I've always had chapped lips, but I drink a LOT of water, and always have- and it doesn't help my lips at all. I'm also allergic to alot of the lip balms out there, they make my lips peel- so I actually use Lansinoh lanolin on my lips...otherwise known as 'nipple cream'. Haha! It's for b___stfeeding mothers chapped nipples, but you can also use it on any other chapped skin. I find it really moisturizes my lips well, and it stays on for a nice amount of time (and provides a nice shine). I've turned most of my friends onto using it, but it's still funny when someone see's you using it, and asks "isn't that for your nipples?" Hey, I guess I'll have a completely different use for it soon enough!


JolieLucker - March 7

in my first tri my lips were sooo chapped i thought it may have had something to do with my horrid morning sickness and i started picking at them sooooo not good!.. im at 21wks now and my lips are stillll chapped but not as bad as they were at all..


slackette - March 7

I had chapped lips and my skin was SUPER dry too. I use neutragena chapstick and I swear by Cetaphil lotion. It is really the only lotion that has helped me with severely dry skin. During the first tri my legs were so dry they were starting to get red patches and I began to develop scabs. The cetaphil cleared that right up (I am now 18 weeks). Good luck ladies!



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