Chicken Pox While Pregnant PLEASE READ

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fernanda - April 28

I am 8 weeks pregnant and a kindergarten teacher. I had one student come today with only some scabs but some blisters also - i also had contact with his baby brother who was still contagious. I did wash my hands though after finding out from mum who said "oh he has it too!". I am worried sick. I had my chicken pox vaccinations prior to conceiving but my body showed no immunity to it. I got a blood test today and will find out tomorrow whether I have immunity to it or not. I am sick in the pit of my stomach of how silly this whole thing is. He's been in school and "infected" other students IF he is infact contagious. I dont know what to do. Has anyone had experience in this and had a good result. I am praying that my results tomorrow say i have somehow got immunity. Also has anyone heard bad things about the zoster immune globulin (ZIG) shot????They say this can prevent infection and they dont know if it harms the baby......????anyone please...i'd appreciate it!!


Jaime - April 28

From what I read in the What to expect book, even if you get the chicken pox, this early in your pregnancy it won't affect the baby. It's only in your last few weeks that it would possibly cause the baby to get them also. As for the shot, I know it works, but I don't know about getting it during pregnancy. Good luck!


anne - April 28

in my pregnancy book, Your Pregnancy week by week, written by Dr. Glade B. Curtis and Judith Schular it gives great info about chicken pox. i will summarize. first it says, " ...take very good care of yourself . In about 15% of those adults who contact chickenpox, a form of pneumonia develops - it can be especially serious for a pregnant woman." secondly, it says, " if you are exposed to the infection while you are pregnant , contact your doctor immediately! a pregnant woman with a significant exposure to this highly infectious herpes virus should receive varicellazoster immune globulin (VZIG). If you receive VZIG within 72 hours of exposure, it can help prevent infection or it can lessen the severity of symtoms . if you do contract chicken pox, your doctor will probably treat you with acyclovir to lessen symptoms." i sure hope this helps you.



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