Chills Can T Get Warm

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Cold - February 2

Does anyone feel the same? I'm 5 weeks, and can't seem to get warm most of the time. Is this normal?


jen d. - February 3

hi cold, i've been the same way. my body temperature during the day has been low. mine is usually 97.5 or right around there, and i have been hovering at 96 give or take a little. it's our body's way of regulating temperature. there is a lot of energy going into that little life developing, so every body has different ways of coping. i'm ten weeks and at my appointment last week, doc a__sured me everything is just fine. like you, i've been getting the chills since the very beginning. if nothing else, take it as an excuse to go home, curl up with a blanket and relax!!! good luck!


Cold - February 3

thanks Jen that makes me feel a ton better!! This is actually my 3rd, but I don't remember ever getting this way. Thank you!!!


amp - February 3

I also have been very cold all day long. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second child. I even have my heater on underneath my desk. don't worry you are not alone.


Beth - February 3

I wear a sweatshirt every day in the office, people think I am crazy!


nica - February 5

The weird thing is at first I was overly hot all the time, and now the opposite. I find I cant get warm enough in bed at night and I am really feeling the cold during the day too. It is weird as normally I wear practically nothing but now I am bundling on the layers! And I am only 5 or 6 weeks.


Nik - February 9

I have been feeling cold quite often as well. I'm 6 weeks along. With my husband away 1/2 the time - the bed is very cold!


E - February 13

hi cold. i'm usually cold... but lately, i am freezing most of the time. =) i've heard that it's normal.


Candee - February 14

I am always very cold too! I am wearing three layers (one being a fleece sweater) and I am still cold. I live mostly with a blanket on me now. When u get pregnant your temp. can rise a little (more than after ovulation) that can give you that slightly fevered chill feeling.



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