Chinese Conception Chart

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Julie - February 16

Anyone know if this is accurate? It worked for my first I had a boy. I am pregnant again and it is saying girl this time???


masonmom - February 16

Depending on the chart, I am having a girl with the one you put in your date of birth and the date of conception. The other chart where it has your age at the top and the month of conception, it shows a boy! Who knows!! :)


eve - February 16

iv always wondered about those. i mean if it's the man that determine the s_x of the baby, wouldn't the chart sound better for them, their age of conception and the month, is what their wife/girlfriend would have. but it was wrong with me.


Wendy - February 17

I don't really believe it, as it depends on the chart.. I have also done it.. one chart said I was having a boy and the other chart said i was having a girl...!!!!! so i think it would be just luck...


Candee - February 17

You are suppose to go by your "Chinese Lunar age" which is usually about a year or two different than your actual age. When going by my actual age then my daughter was suppose to be a boy and according to it I am expecting a boy again. When going by my Lunar age - it was correct in saying I had a girl. Try it here... htm There is also another guy/site that predicts pregnancy and is apparently 94% right - here is his site... www.babyman. net/ Tell us your results!


Julie - February 17

According to babyman I am having another boy


Beth - February 17

Says I am having a boy also!


Julie - February 17

Out of curiousity I put in my last pregnancy in baby man and it said a girl and I had a boy so go figure??? I guess there is a 50/50 chance either way


sherry - February 17

Candee you are great I love the websites and they both say I am having what I want is a boy! SO great, I tell my boyfriend and friends all the time I am having a boy they all say you are going to have a girl keep wishing for a boy I dont think so I hope this is true!


jasmine - March 8

i m born on 26 sept 1974 in india kindly let me know the months in 2005 in which i can have baby boy


PP - March 8

If the Chineese conception chart worked why are there all these unwanted baby girls in China?


wen - March 8

I have a girl and i know the exact day in which i said she was a boy!!


jessica - March 9

i hear the best predictor is that if you conceive close to or just after ovulation its a boy, and if its a week or more before than its a girl- the girl swimmers swim longer and stronger, the boys are fast and don't go as long- my friend wanted girls, tried this and has had 4 pregnancies- all girls!!!


reem bustai - May 18

explain about choosing the six of babys bos -girls from the chinees months.>


reem bustami - May 18

i had athree babys the first one boy the second and the third are girls i want to know the six of the forthbaby


reem bustami - May 18

i had a three children the first boy and two girls i want to know what is the six of new baby


ICQ - May 18

I tried both of those sites and they both said I'm having a boy! Hopefully it's really true because me and my fiance have both stated we'd want a boy first! Plus we have so many family members who have had boys and have given us their used stuff since we've told them we're having a baby! I'm only 8w so I have a long way to go still. Thanks for sharing those sites Candee!



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