Chinese Gender Predictor

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nola-gal - November 19

Has anyone ever tried this? Everyone I've talked to says it works! According to about five different sites, I'm having a girl!!! You just have to make sure to find out your Chinese age and the Lunar Year that you conceived. For instance I'm really 29, but my Chinese Age is 30. And even though I conceived in October, that's Lunar Year 9.


meg - November 19

I tried it w/ my first & it said I was having a girl...I had a beautiful little boy! I can't remember what it said I am having this time...but I'm right on the border for 2 different months & I think that one's a girl & one's a boy...who knows! I do know a lot of people who swear by it though!


R__ - November 19

well how do you figure out your chinese ago and lunar year? i did the whole necklace one the other day. i think these things are fun.


ROBYN - November 19

I tried it said i was having a girl but i am having a boy.


Rainbowbrite - November 20

Hello! I tried this sight and it said i was having a girl and it was correct for me!!! We're having a beautiful little girl! But as you can tell it isn't always right! Good luck!


kendra.marie - November 20

i tried it with my daughter it said i was having a boy (but i couldn't really do it cuz i was 16 around the time i feel pg) i had a girl. my friend told me that you add 2 years to the age on there so if your 18 you look at 20? i dont know. it its right or now. r_ i did the ring above my belly it said boy girl twins; then my horoscope is: "Scorpio: A recurring dream will finally start to make sense when some of it comes true in real life. Just hope it's not the one where you show up naked!." okay well i had twin dreams then the ring thing, im like okay? twins? lol i d k. haha


kendra.marie - November 20

how do u figure out your age & year


kendra.marie - November 20

w w w


LeAngel - November 20

I have tried every gender predictor I could find on the internet. LOL - All of them say, girl except said boy. I won't find our for several more weeks, but I'm anxious to see which is more accurate.


jennifer_33106 - November 20

It said I was having a boy but alas there is no turtle. I am having a girl! haha


jennifer_33106 - November 20

I tried the one kendra said and it said girl. haha so I dunno.... maybe it is correct.


4buzybeez - December 3

im asian as well but we always go by the shape of the stomach and so far it has never failed me yet. i had 3 kids, forth on its way.


HeatherIsHopeful - December 3

nola-girl... I heard a very interesting theory about the Chinese calender and why its a load of bologna LOL my friends husband brought to my attention that the lunar calender asks for all the mothers information but none of the fathers even though the gender is determined by the fathers sperm and has nothing to do with the mother *shrug* just something to thin about... then again if you go with the draino test and the ring tied to a string think those have nothing to do with science but people still swear by them so who knows! its still fun to play with :)


Faye84 - December 4

for my first child said I was having a girl, and I did have a girl. This time around says im having a boy...we will have to see.


javidsgirl - December 4

all of them said i was having a girland i had a girl


sarah21 - December 4

Well it worked for me. It said I would have a girl and the ultrasound says it's a girl. I guess unless it's born a boy, it worked.


dueinjune08 - December 7

It was wrong with my daughter. With this one it said girl and at my last u/s my Dr was 95% sure it was a boy. I agree with's bologna...LOL. Good Luck with all girls! :)



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