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KSM - February 16

I have been seeing a chiropracter for my headaches since the month before i had a bfp. I actually think releasing the pressure helped me get pregnant b/c we have been trying for 21 months. i'm wondering if anyone knows if it is still safe to continue my treatments? I am 5w 2d. The adjustments are mostly to my neck, upper back and shoulders.


jen327 - February 16

I don't konw, but I know that you can't go to a ma__sage until they are trained on pregnant women and have a special table for the belly. But ask your OB, I would think as long as you were not on your belly you would be ok


SaraH - February 16

Yep. Chiropractic care can actually be very very beneficial during a pregnancy. It can help keep your joints/bones in line during a time when they become looser, slip around more, and your posture changes (which can cause a lot of pain and muscle/joint problems during pregnancy). It is beneficial to keep your bones and joints "in line" too as when they are properly in place nerves aren't getting pinched as much and everything (blood flow, your bodies electric currents -which is how your nerves and everything else function-, etc.) tends to work better. Just make sure your chiropractor knows that you are pregnant and don't use electric stim. (a type of muscle therapy often used in Chiropractic and PT offices) on your lower back/abdomen. I am 33 weeks pregnant and have had tons of pelvic and hip pain. W/o the chiropractic adjustments every couple weeks to re-aline, my hips and pelvis I'd be unable to walk half the time. --By the way, not only did I use to work in a chiropractic office where they often treated pregnant women, my OB also referred me to my current chiropractor when I started having really bad pain in pelvis at about 11 weeks. So, unless there is a specific problem that means you shouldn't be adjusted, continue w/ the adjustments as they should really help.


SaraH - February 16

--oh, by the way too most chiropractors have a special table that drops in the middle and/or pillows that are made so that you can lie on your stomach for an adjustment. It is also completely safe for you to lie on your stomach during a pregnancy, it's just that after a while it's going to be impossible for you to do. Jen is right though about the ma__sage. There are certain pressure points that are not suppose to be rubbed during pregnancy. This is why you have to have someone who is specifically trained to do a pregnancy ma__sage.


jessicaspatherapist - February 16

i've worked at several chiropractic offices and i'm a ma__sage therapist who does pregnancy ma__sage. no special table is required for adjustments on pregnant women or for ma__sages. the woman just lies on her side the and adjustments and or ma__sage is done that way. some ma__sage therapists do have a special "table" which is a large pad that goes on top of the table and it has a hole for the belly, however its actually just safer to do everything in a side lying position. you should also know that you should not get ma__sge until your second trimester, chiropractic adjusments are fine, that was a mouthful!


jen327 - February 16

Thanks for the info. I was only stating the ma__sage piece, because that is what my OB told me, I used to get a ma__sage every week on Friday and my OB said to only go to a specially trained ma__sage therapist. I also said to check with your OB because I had an appt with a chiro a month & 1/2 ago and mentioned it to my OB, and because I had been spotting she said not to go at all. Turned out I had a subchorionic hematoma which was diagnosed two weeks later, I have been on bed rest for a month now. I am not allow to go until I am healed. the only reason I was saying to check with the OB was because some underlying health conditions that are not apparent could worsen with a chiro or a ma__sage.


Erin1979 - February 19

I didn't see the chiro while pregnant, and now that I know I could have, I totally regret it. I think it's part of the reason my back is so sore now that I have had my dd.


vanja10 - February 20

i've been going to a chiropractor my entire pregnancy (i'm 38.5 weeks now) and my last visit was at 36 weeks. my visits were due to a car accident, but i found it made my back feel much better.. my chiro has this pillow with a hole in it and i'm able to lie down on my stomach... with me, the pain relief is instant, and i'm ok for about a week and then i'm back to pain again.. i cannot wait for this baby to come out.. 11 days till my due date.. :)



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