Chromosomal Abnormality Tests

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maya - October 20

My husband and I have been discussing whether or not to have this test done.. and today the doctor asked us.. I wanted to see what other women think about it. the chances of the abnormalities are few. (1 in 700) but still if you can test for it why not. How have your doctors approached you with this decision to make?


mb - October 20

We have decided to have an amnio because certain results would impact our decision making process regarding carrying the pregnancy to term. I have many friends with higher risks who decided not to have testing because the results would not impact any decision they would make. There are also folks who, if there is a problem, want to be prepared for it. Hope that helps. No right answer. There are 2 types of tests- screening and diagnostic. Screening are non-invasive (no risk to baby) and give risk of abnormality. Diagnostic (amnio or cvs) carry risk of miscarriage and give more definitive info. take care.


Ca__sie - October 20

We decided not to have the test. The only benefit it would have given us, would have been to prepare us for a child with an abnormality. We feel we will try to be prepared for whatever is given us (we are not at high risk and ultrasounds have always looked good). I am 32 weeks along right now.


maya - October 20

Thank you. I've asked a couple friends of mine who have had babies, and they hadnt taken the tests since they felt their risks were low. My doctor is suggesting the non invasive screening.. just wouldnt like to be get a result saying that I may have a possibility of having an abnormal child. then I woiuldnt have a happy pregnancy anyways.. I just would like there not to be so much talk and worry about it.. just happpiness. but his mother, is worried. dont know.. do I want to know i might have a risk of having an abnormal child?


sm - October 20

I think you should only have the tests done if you think you are at high risk. The tests are tough - sometimes the screening (non-invasive) show that there may be a problem when there actually is not and that may just make you worry more. I would see what your doctor thinks. I have friends who had a screening done and were told that they had a high risk of having a child with disabilities. They decided to leave it in "Gods Hands" and did not get the amnio. Now they have a perfectly healthy 2-year old baby girl.


maya - October 21

Hi sm. I am not high risk (I am 29) so my doctor suggested I dont do the amnio or villi, but do the non invasive for peace of mind. but in fact I would be pretty uncomfortable hearing that there was a possibility. ah. dont know , dont know.


mama-beans - October 21

Well I won't be having any tests done as the results will not affect how I treat the pregnancy at all. Also, a close friend had to give birth seven weeks early because the amnio caused an infection that risked the baby.. he spent 3 weeks in the NICU.



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