Clomid Babies

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A - November 9

How many of you conceived your baby with the help of clomid? How many cycles did it take you?


Ella - November 9

We concieved after the first cycle. I think one of the best parts is that you know exactly when to "try". My question to the group is has anyone had multiple births due to the clomid?? I have a fear of many babies. I had my first appt. in Oct and could not definatively find a hearbeat/s....Calm my fears....please


CJ - November 9

I am 6w3d pregnant with the help of Clomid. I did three cycles: 50mg and did not ovulate; 100mg ovulated but did not get preg.; and 100mg again ovulated and BFP. Too early still to know about the multiples question!


Suzane - November 9

I got pregnant on 100mg clomid after 3 cycles and concieved triplets but lost one


Heather - November 9

I was on 50 mg of Clomid and also an injectable drug called Repronex. It took us 2 cycles with my daughter and 4 cycles this time. I am currently 7w5d and just had my first ultrasound on Monday. I only have one....when I was ovulating I was only producing one egg at a time.


N - November 10

We also concieved after 1 round of 50mg. Went to the dr. and only saw one fetus. Good luck!


mama-beans - November 10

4 rounds of rx Clomid, overstimulation in round 2, (7 follicles) luclily no cysts, very monitored, got pregnant on #4 with my healthy now-1 year old daughter.


Tess - November 10

Right here!! I took clomid for almost 6-9 mos during our 1st yr of marriage....didnt work so i stopped. then this year it only took me 2 cycles (2 mos) and then BAM! Im pregnant. How about you?


bump - November 19



Lucie - November 21

I used clomid for 2 cycles (50mg) and concieved twins, my sister in law used clomid ( 100mg) for 4 cycles and concieved quadrupletes , however she did selective termination due to the danger of multiple pregnancies and kept two one of which died early on in the womb, the other delivered healthy.


Hillary - November 21

I concieved triplets after just one cycle of 100mg clomid, I guess I should have stuck to 50 mg !!!!!!!!!! I am really worried because it is considered a high risk pregnancy, and I am so afraid of EVERYTHING!!! I am however just past the first trimester ( 14 weeks) and already huge!!! and miserable on bed rest. Even if you do concieve multiples , consider it a blessing



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