Coca Cola

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pete - September 23

is coca cola bad for the baby?? im 9 weeks and i just cant get enough of it!!! can anyone tell me if its bad or not please??


Cathy - September 23

It is the caffiene that is the worst for you. Try drinking decaf coke. Beware of all the sugar and empty calories, but one or so a day shouldn't be so bad. Moderation is the key.


bean - September 23

Also - don't forget most diet drinks have aspartame in them, which isn't so hot for you either... But like Cathy said - moderation.


Cathy - September 23

yes bean, i forgot about the aspartame. That stuff is just nasty. I actually weaned myself off of that a few years ago, I was getting headaches, and anxiety attacks which miraculously stopped when I quit aspartame. Now if I want to use artificial I use Splenda. But of course in moderation. They actually have diet coke out now with splenda in it but sadly not the caffiene free kind yet. Diet Rite is made with splenda, is always caffiene and sodium free. I use that as a lift gift to myself once in a while.


Tara - September 23

How bad is ginger ale when your pregnant. When nausea hits its all I can drink, so Im drinking a lot of it. This might seem like a dumb question, but is there any caffine in ginger ale?


Tiffany - September 23

Thank you bean! I had been meaning to ask about what the deal was with diet sodas. TY. Tara most ginger ale is caffine free. I drink the wal-mart brand and i know that is.


Cyndi - September 23

it's not good for you to drink coke when pregnant. It's alot of sugar and caffiene.


146 - September 24

It's not good for either of you.


Mary - September 24

I drank coke daily and my doctor said it was ok as long as I did it in moderation (1 can a day). The Coke helped me with my morning sickness. I drank regular coke, caffeine free, sugar full. :)


Tiffany - September 24

in drinks like soft drinks and juice etc. what should i be looking for in the ingrediants that could be bad for me? is phenylalanine bad for me? I have noticed that in some of my sugar free drinks. TY for the help.


to all - September 24

Ginger ale and caffiene free coke, if it is what helps you during morning sickness, drink it. Don't drink a gallon of the stuff, but if it helps you, have at it. Some eat saltines, which are high in sodium, which isn't good for you, either. As others have said, moderation. As for phenylalanine, I'm not sure what it will do, and if you don't either, then stay away from it. Ask your doc about stuff that you have questions about.


Beth - September 25

I LIVED on ginger ale and saltines for 5 weeks while my morning sickness was in high gear. In fact, I gained 3 pounds as a result... which I have since lost. My Dr.'s advice to me was this "maoderation in everything is key...however if you are feeling bad, eat whatever you can keep down and sounds good. The first trimester is about survival. The second trimester you can focus on nutrition." She is a well respected physician and I trust her judgement 100%.



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