Cold Amp Congestion I Need Relief Please Help

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Anne - October 9

Hello. I have been sick for two days now, with terrible cold and congestion. My doctor said I could take Sudafed, which I have been, but that doesn't seem to be helping. Does anybody know of a natural or homemade remedy that is safe for pg women? I'm desperate, I feel miserable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please Help!!!


Rachel. R - October 10

I had the same thing... even before i was pregnant.. and I have only felt relief from a congested head in the past month or so... Cause i was told NOT to take sudafed, or cold and flu tablets, my doc recommended a natural oil which can help unblock the sinused... its called "Olbas Oil" it works wonders.. I keep it in my room for whenever i need it.. its actually sitting here with me now.. its great.and its safe for pregnant women, and its even safe to use on babies, as it isnt ingested, its like a vapour. go and buy some from your chemist.


Michelle - October 10

Hi, I just went through the samr thing. I was sick for a week. I thought I had the flu. Stuffy head and chest and a fever. I recomend a humidifire and vapo rub. It helped. and get lots of sleep.Good luck


Anne - October 10

Thanks for your advice. I will try both!!


Mercedes - October 10

Hi, I'm going through the same thing right now...I've had this cold for 3 days running and it just doesn't seem to want to go away....All I've been doing is taking it easy and popping vit C pills and eating lots of fruit...There is also another thing I started doing: drinking hot lemon water (basically hot water poured over 3 slices of lemon). It's really soothing and it tastes kinda nice...Hope this helps and we'll both get better soon!


Hi Anne - October 10

I have used ocean nasal spray. It is just a saline spray and totally safe for you and your baby. It gave me some relief at night. Also, I took lots of hot showers(but not too hot for the baby!) and just breathed in the steam. Feel better soon!



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