Cold Medicication

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A - April 5

I am 5w 4d along and I now have a terrible cold. Any ideas on safe medication to take? Can I take Nyquill?


jena - April 5

i have read that sudafed is the safest. Nyquill is advised against because it has alcohol in it, but I took just one pill one night when I was a mess. But a few people have told me about Sudafed. Obviously it's best to ask your doctor, but that's just what I have heard...


lilmum - April 5

basically, the only thing they say is safe during pregnancy is tylonol in small amounts. Anything with ibprofen in it is very very bad. I'm not sure what's in either of the medications mentioned, but if you that feel ill, maybe a tylonol would be best.


Lily - April 6

I heard that sudafed and Robitussin are safest. But you can only take the regular stuff. Make sure there are no "C.D" or "M.D" after it....My doctor said any initials at all is bad...and stress "Just the regular strength stuff".


Brooke Crow - April 6

My doctor specifically told me to increase my fluids and take Tylenol for aches and pains ... Robitussin (plain) for coughs ... Cepacol throat lozenges for sore throats ... and Sudafed for congestion and allergies. If your fever is above 100.8 call the doctor. Oh! He also said to use a humidifier in your room for congestion, too. Hope this helps some.


RG - April 6

Do you have a Dr yet? I was in the same boat...about 5w and bad cold. I had an appt set up, but had not seen the doctor yet, so I called, let a message for the nurse and she called me back. Jena is right, sudafed is okay to take as is Tylenol Sinus. When I went in to the dr, they gave me a list of meds I could take OTC and Robitussin is on that list too....just the regular. Good luck! Drink plenty of water!


maria - April 13

I have a bad influenza since five days, with cough, sore throat flue and fever. I went to the doct and she raccomended me to take Tylenol three times a day and Rubitussin. This is what I've been doing, but I'm not completely recovered yet. I'll see the doc back tomorrow



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