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erin25 - March 9

I have not went to the bathroom (number 2) in about 2 1/2 days. Everything was fine before.....I usually went about once a day. Is there something wrong? Also, I do not pee this a bad thing? I am about 5-6 weeks prego.......please help!


Mrs.Neves - March 9

I have the same problem some days I am regular and others it takes a day or two .. Keep yourself Hydrated with lots of water!! Most pregnant have constipation!!


Peachtree - March 9

Hello again Erin-I think it's ok to not pee alot that early on. Once your uterus starts to grow even more, that's when you'll notice a difference in the amount of times you pee in a day. Of course, it also depends on how much water/liquid you drink. I drink alot of water, so I pee alot these days! (I'm 14 weeks on Monday). As for number 2, it is common in prenancy to become constipated. Just try upping your fibre intake (lots of fruit and veggies) and if you're really concerned, you can take a fibre supplement as long as your doctor ok's it for you. I asked my midwife about Benefibre, and she said it's fine to take. You can add that stuff to plain water and it doesn't change the taste or texture.


kristie h - March 9

I would say you are constipated. I am 12 weeks pregnant and lucky to go for a #2 twice aweek. About the peeing thing, i dont have to go that often either and i am 12 weeks.


SarahMarie99 - March 9

Yeah... just be lucky that you can have s_x. My doc told us no s_x for the first trimester due to 2 previous miscarriages and my dh being hung like a horse. Men just dont understand when it is hurting and how that is like for us. But, he is feeling the pain now as it is week number 3 for him without s_x.... but trust me I am going crazy also as we also had s_x EVERY day...


SarahMarie99 - March 9

HA my previous comment went in the wrong post! OOOPS it was supposed to go in the one about s_x... sorry everyone


heather28 - March 9

Make sure you are urinating at least once every 12 hours. If not you need to go to the doctor ASAP b/c it is a sign of dehydration.



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