Concerned About Symptoms And Cough

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Vik - February 22

My wife is in her 7th week. We found out that she was pregnant right at the end of 5 weeks since her last period. She is 33+ and this is our first pregnancy. She initially (at the time of testing positive on HPT) had some mild nausea, fatigue and frequent urination. Her br___ts were sore too and appeared to be increasing in size. However, this week, she has developed a bad cough and cold (her coughs usually stays 3 weeks with OTC medications). I am wondering if this persistent cough can have any adverse effect on the baby. Also this week, her nausea has gone away and it appears to me that her br___ts have reduced somewhat in size (although she says she has some mild soreness in them). We have an appointment with her GP tomorrow for her cough problem. So far, I haven't given her any medications (OTC cough medications don't work for her anyways) and have stuck to stuff like honey, ginger, lemon, salt-water gurgling etc. Thankfully, she hasn't had spotting/bleeding. I have kinda OCD problem and I try to check her symptoms more than she does and this occassionally freaks her out. What do you all think about our chances. We want this baby badly...


Vik - February 22

I forgot to mention that our first nurse's appointment at her OB/GYN is Monday (27th) and first Doc (OBGYN) appointment on March 3 (Friday). Needless to add that I am extremely nervous and scared (although I am hiding it from her). Praying that everything turns out to be ok.


Deb - February 22

You can relax. The baby is so small at this point (like less than an inch) and it is protected in a fluid-filled sack that not much, including coughing will hurt it. My b___bs also got a bit smaller and hurt much less around 7 - 8 weeks, so I wouldn't worry about that either. Symptoms come and go as the body adjusts to the HCG hormone. There are a lot of women who talk about their symptoms going away who go on to have happy, healthy babies. Try to relax and write down your questions and concerns so that when you go to the doctor, you don't forget anything. Good luck!


Vik - February 24

Thanks a lot, Deb. I really apreciate it. Well, we did meet our GP yesterday and he suggested that she should not take any cough medications in the first trimester. So, we are sticking to honey, salt-water gurgles etc. Its hard for me to see her suffering with her cough at the same time we both are very concerned about our baby's health. I can't explain how dearly we want the baby. Like I said before, I am obsessed with her lack of/diminishing symtoms. She was having some hungry feelings before she had this cough but now thats gone too. So she is now has fatigue only and minor soreness in her bbs. I try to be jovial when I am with her but inside I am a nervous wreck. If anything goes wrong, i don't know how ill I handle it. Thanks again for your thoughtful response. I am still praying to God hoping that everything will be allright. I wish I was a "positive thinker".


Deb - February 24

Those little ones are a lot more resilient than we think. My whole first trimester I was soooo sick with nausea and I could hardly eat a thing. I was worried my baby wasn't getting enough nourishment since there were days where all I could stomach was a piece of toast and some mashed potatoes! I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and the little one was so active! They take what they need from you. Just be prepared for her to feel like garbage until 14 weeks or more. I couldn't do anything except lie on the couch. Offer to do stuff for her, she really needs the rest right now...and no matter how much rest she gets, it won't be enough. If she has made it this far, I'm sure she will be fine.



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