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linzee - April 20

last night, my friend and i went to a Kenny Chesney concert. We were on the floor, third row, so it was extremely loud, and we were close enough to feel the shaking and everything from the speakers. i didnt think about it until about half way through, but is it ok for the baby and all that for it to be so loud? i know im probably worrying over nothing, but i cant seem to find anything about it, and i just want to make sure its ok!


Kira_lynn - April 20

No problem! I dj and the ob said as long as its not for excessive amounts of time (over 4 hours) of loud music. Im soo freakin jealous!! I went to keith urban! It was great!


linzee - April 20

oh ok..the concert was about 4 hours, between kenny, sugar land, and dierks bently, but it wasnt consecutive...i LOVE keith! i saw him in febuary and i met him last year! he's the nicest guy, and i met him at a tanning bed/ma__sage place, so he wasnt like surrounded by a ton of people and fans and stuff..he's the nicest guy and alot of fun..him and i kept messing with my best friend because she didnt realize who he was because she isnt into country music, and this was last year before he got to the level of success he was i just have to meet kenny!! lol...the only reason i started dating my guy in the first place was because he looks just like


sunshinekitty240 - April 21

i am sure its fine. im going to pearl jam may 12 and ill be like 11 almost 12 weeks... my mom went to kiss when she was pg and im fine... :oD


linzee - April 21

i talked to my mom and she told me she went to a michael jackson concert when she was about 25 weeks with me... hmm, maybe that explained the ridiculous crush i had on him as a kid? lol


squished - April 25

We are planning on going to Journey in August and I'll be 7 months pregnant so I'm glad to hear that it's ok :)


sarahbaby11 - April 27

i'm not sure of the medical info on this topic. however i have some experience info for you. i worked at a concert venue in ct for all nine months of my first pregnancy. i helped the people in the vip boxes so i was pretty close to the stage and speakers. my daughter is 2 years old noe=w and we have never had any problems with her. in fact she is always healthy and very smart. sher does however love music. so i would sy that yu would be fine unless a doctor says not to go.



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