Confirmation Of Pregnancy

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Priya - November 28

Missed my period and my fourth day does it mean I am pregnant


~*sunny*~ - November 28

It could be a number of things. The only true way of telling is by using a lil bit of common sense and doing a Home Pregnancy Test!!! Either that or see your Doctor for a blood test. Sorry to be blunt, but people in a chat forum do you not know you personally, so wouldn't actually be able to tell you if you are or aren't pregnant. Good Luck whatever the outcome.


Allie - November 28

I agree with Sunny, take a home test and good luck!! My cousin is late sometimes but not pregnant... go figure.


Dia - November 28

I was once 2 weeks late....but not pregnant - it could be just stress. Take a test to confirm :)


to priya - November 30

well...well...well...sunny is a crabby lady! anyways, i was also once late for 10 days, and not i think like dia said it could just be stress, but to ease your mind, i would maybe take a test, or make an appointment with your doctor. good luck to you!


To to pyria - November 30

Sunny's not being crabby, she's being truthful. If you think that's being rude, then you are very oversensitive.


Angela - November 30

this is my 4th day missed and i just found out i was pregnant tonight... i posted the symptoms on "signs of pregnancy" and the heading "I think not thinking about it actually worked" baby dust to you :)


congrats angela! - November 30

to to to priya...i am not too sensitive...but she WAS being rude...look at the 3 exclamation points after take a test...indication of frusteration and rudeness...EVERYONE has a right to ask a question and give feedback...but the way some of you act on here is quite harsh...take note that i said the same thing about taking a d__n test, but in a much more tactful manner...see what i mean about how women talk here? she also said 'use a bit of common sense'...if that isnt rude, then i dont know what is! ( exclamation point IS indicating frusteration...see how that works?)


~*sunny*~ - December 1

One, I am not a crabby person, even with all those pregnancy hormones running through me ;) I was simply answering the question in the most truthful and honest way. The t_tle is 'confirmation of pregnancy' This is a chat forum, not a Doctors surgery that can provide blood tests or a pharmacy selling pregnancy tests. Those really are the only ways to tell if someone is pregnant. How would a complete stranger on here be able to 'confirm' whether this lady is or isn't. I apologise if I offended anyone, but to me a pregnancy test really is about common sense.



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