Confirmed Pregnancy At Week 5 But Empty Sack Help

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Shouper - August 16

I went into the ER today because I have been bleeding mildly and cramping as well. They checked my hormone levels


Shouper - August 16

Sorry..they checked my hormone levels and I measured 5 weeks, 4 days. My HCG level were 1886. They also did an ultra sound which showed a sac, no yolk in it. I am worrying excessively. I need to go back in later this week to do some follow up blood work to see if my hormone levels are increasing. Anybody else in this situation??


brian08096 - September 2

sorry to hear....but we had that unfortunate case and had a m/c...hope you have better results, and hang in there..


pleasehelpme26 - September 3

i thought i was pregant in july, all the at home pregnancy tests were showing negative, but i still wanted to be sure and i had a blood test on the 19th of july, it also came back negative, 2 days later my periods came as they were meant to. On the 14th august i took another at home test as my b___bs were sore and i was curious.. it was positive.. i took 5 more tests.. all positive. i went to have my ultrasound today.. and they said i was 8.5 weeks... but that is impossible from all the testing i had done in july. they also said the sac had a yolk but was emty. if i was only 54 0r 5 weeks like i am sure i am, that is normal to not see the fetal pole. i dont get it. do people just sometimes have bigger sacs? i am so confused. can anyone offer me some advice? i need it!


christiesmith83 - September 7

At 5 weeks 1 day there was only a sac and I also panicked. I went back at 7 weeks because i wanted to know if it was still there and i saw a heart beat. Just ask your doctor if you can do another ultrasound in 2 weeks time.


christiesmith83 - September 7

pleasehelpme26.......Why do they think you are 8.5 weeks?


pleasehelpme26 - September 7

they were going by the measurement of the sac.. but for me to be that far would be impossible due to only taking the blood test on the 19th of july.. thats why im so confused... maybe they measured it wrong.. i dunno. because what they were seeing would seem pretty ok at 5 weeks.. it all seems so complicated!


christiesmith83 - September 9

I would suggest that you go back in a week or so. they could have it wrong. At 8.5 weeks they should be able to see the yolk sac or something. If you are 8.5 weeks, what are they suggesting?



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