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Hannah - October 13

Hi, I know that this is the wrong forum to be asking this, but I wanted to hear from you women who are pregnant or have been pregnant. Ok, the first day of my last "Normal" period was Sept. 6. The day that I think I conceived was Sept. 22, but I did have s_x on other days around that time. The day after the 22nd of Sept., my br___ts became tender and sore. They became more sore every day and about a week later, I started cramping and feeling sensations in my br___ts, and it felt like my temp. was higher because I was hot all the time. Also, my husband told me I was being very moody, and he said my head was in the clouds. Also, around that time, I felt cold symptoms. I started having and am still have a runny nose. Then, last week, starting on Oct. 5. I woke up with bad cramps and thought for sure it was af. Well, my bleeding was much lighter than normal and ended about the middle of the day on Oct. 6. Then, I had some more light bleeding on Oct. 8. My cycles are usually 34-40 days apart and that light bleeding started on the 29th day. My br___ts are not sore or tender anymore, but I still have been feeling sensations in them, and I have sensations in my pelvic area, still a runny nose, loss of appet_te, and everyone is telling me that my head is in the clouds. My sister told me that I am not concentrating like I usually am. I took a hpt yesterday morning and it was negative. Before I had that strange bleeding, I thought for sure I was pregnant. Not I am just confused because now it doesn't sound like I am pregnant from what I have heard from other women. Also, yesterday, I got a blood test done hoping it would tell me that I'm pregnant and it was negative too. However, the nurse told me that it could be too early to detect the HCG hormone so I should take good care of myself and see if I have a period next month. Or the bleeding that I had could have been a miscarriage or my hormones could be messed up. What do you ladies think? Does it sound like I could be pregnant? I just don't understand. Thanks.


Hannah - October 13

Oh, I forgot to add that every time I wipe, I get a chuck of some clear (sometimes yellowish looking) sticky stuff. Don't know if that has anything to do with it.


Hannah - October 13

Someone please answer. Waiting to see if you are pregnant is so hard.


TLew - October 13

Hannah it sounds like it may be too early to tell or you may be having a m/c. All women are different. I would go and get a second opinion. good luck let me know how it all works out.


Hope this helps - October 13

Hannah, I am always very regular but I was 5 days late in August. But, my pregnancy tests said negative. Two weeks later I had a very light period but it was too heavy to be implantation I thought. Pregnancy tests were still negative. Finally, October 7th, I tested positive. I went to the doctor today and they have scheduled an ultrasound but based on my exam, the dr said I could be 9 or 10 weeks along. So, you could be pregnant and the tests just aren't picking it up yet. I don't want to give you false hope but you know your body better than anyone else. But, with that said, waiting stinks! I understand that!



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