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JAYME - February 21

hi i was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites that gave you information on drinking during the first trimester of your pregnancy. i was under the impression that any drinking could drastically harm your baby, so i made an appointment to abort it. However, now i am hearing otherwise. I have been drunk about 4 times and and about 10 weeks now. My appointment is scheduled for thursday and i can not get in to see my doctor before then. Thank You


JuJu - February 22

Wow - Jayme; this is a crucial decision for you. Basically, there is strong evidence to suggest that consistant heavy drinking throughout a pregnancy can lead to FAS (foetal alcohol syndrome) BUT that is not to say that your baby has been harmed. In fact; not to encourage you with continuing to drink (because you shouldn't!!!) but there is a good chance that you baby will be fine - provided you stop drinking NOW! This is such a major decision for you - I would seriously consider talking to a professional midwife or doctor before you take any action - if you can't get in to see your doctor - make an appt with another doc. You will find many article on drinking during pregnancy if you search on google - but I think in your case you really should discuss it with a professional - which is difficult to do online. Best of luck-


chandellina - February 22

if you want the baby at all you shouldn't worry about having gotten drunk 4 times. it is very unlikely that would be enough to cause any major problems. usually the concern is about consistent and heavy drinking throughout the pregnancy, and even then i think it is only 40% of babies that show signs of fetal alcohol syndrome. try some google searches and talk to a doctor. i had a termination myself three years ago for a similar reason (had been smoking cannabis on a regular basis not knowing i was pregnant) and later found out it was unlikely to have caused any problem. I regret that very much...



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