Confused About The Ultrasound It Doesn T Add Up

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homeworkwithheather - March 6

Today I went in for my first visit at 8 weeks, I had my full pelvic exam, and then the mid-wife offered to do an ultrasound just to look for a heartbeat. She said there would be no guarantees....she did an outer ultrasound, and then we saw it...barely...but we could see the heartbeat flickering away. She then paused the screen and said by the measurements that I was 9 weeks. I told her it had only been 57 days since my LMP, and that my DH and I only tried once and I was positive I was 8 weeks and 1 day. So she tried again and took another screen shot, measured, and told me I was 9 weeks again. Should I be concerned? Could I have twins in there? Does this happen often? I just want to make sure everything is okay....and I have been obsessing over it since I came home..LOL...I was so excited for the heartbeat that I couldn't think straight at the office...any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


Kimi - March 7

i wouldnt be worried, i would worry if it was too small, just enjoy your pregnancy for now until you get an expination at your next ultrasound. and your doctor would probably let you know if there was anything to worry about. so just try to relax


danielle06 - March 7

Dont worry about it especially if its measuring ahead. If it was too small then there could be a problem. Kimi is right. If there was a problem your mid-wife wouldve said something. Relax and congrats!


homeworkwithheather - March 7

Thank you so much is amazing how much one can worry during their I can breathe and enjoy my weekend...


stefkay - March 7

measuring ahead is actually a great thing! You just don't want to be too far behind in early scans (later on in pregnancy it doesn't matter so much). Congrats! I measured ahead a bit at each u/s I had (I had them every 2 weeks in the first tri)...the doctor was pleased with it!


homeworkwithheather - March 7

YAY! That makes me feel good...I am feeling pretty terrible which I hear is a good sign....hopefully I will see more at my next all have made me feel so much better....I hope everyone finds themselves well....thanks again everyone...


mjvdec01 - March 7

Everything is fine. My little guy is measuring two days ahead and it is no big deal. You have a healthy little bean in there. Congratulations!!



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