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firstimemomma - December 7

I am trying to quit smoking cold turkey put I'm going nuts. Is is better to chew the gum or to taper the cigarrettes. If anyone knows I will so appreciate a response. Thank you and God bless


kristine-- - December 7

sweetie, if you're pregnant, your baby should be your "gum".


krissy2006 - December 8

the gum is better but neither are good for the baby... cigarettes/second (or i guess it would be first) hand smoke messing w/ your babies blood oxygen levels is worse than the gum


JeepJeepers - December 8

I'm in the same boat as you. I thought that I could just could just quit, knowing my baby would make me quit. It's just not that easy. I feel guilty and hurt that i still smoke. Im only smoking 1/2 of a cig. Then "smash" it out. I try holding my breath for 30 sec. when i want one, so maybe that is what the baby feels too? I dont know. Just know that you are not alone. Stay strong. We will quit!!! I am 7 weeks along


sososleepy - December 8

Relax First. Ask your doc, because you might be getting more chemicals from the gum than from smoking. I smoked through two, but cut back as much as I could, and they're teenagers now and still fine. I'm pg again, and again, have tried to cut back as much as possible, which isn't too hard because I'm spending most of my time barfing and/or sleeping. Do try to quit, but don't stress yourself terribly if you can't. You'll find that everyone around you, whether they knowyou or not, suddenly feels that it's ok for them to tell you how to live. Make a list of snappy comebacks and memorize them for those moments. Good Luck!


cammieque - December 23

I just found out Saturday that I'm pregnant and I was up to almost 2 packs a week. Haven't had one since Saturday 1 pm (took the test at 5pm). It's hard sometimes, but everytime you want a cigarette, you have to remind yourself that you are quitting for something that is absolutely amazing. You are quitting for your baby's health, not yours.


Aholmes21 - December 23

It was pretty hard to quit. I was smoking and heavily drinking and wasnt even aware that I was 2 months pregnant. I was devistated when I found out, just thinking of what I had put the baby through. It was difficult the first few days and Im not going to lie I did sneak a few puffs on 2 seperate occasions. But I knew I was harming my child, now its been 2 weeks im im not having cravings. I have heard that doctors will tell you its worse to quit cold turkey cause you and the baby could go in to shock, so instead cut back more and more on your smoking. But dont hold me to that. I quit cold turkey. I havent seen my doctor yet, so I hope all is well. I have tried on my own in the past, but being pregnant has helped me go all the way. If smoking is your only real addiction, then I think your doing pretty good. I hope you can find the strength, talk with your doctor. Keep your chin up!


Aholmes21 - December 23

What I ment was, theres far worse things you could be addicted to.


kbriggs24 - January 6

I smoked a full pack a day for over four years, and I found out that I was pregnant, and the decision was made. This is stupid!!! this is something that you can do, and you need to do right away!!! no slowly cutting back, you need to stop. you can stop. I just did, and for a good reason. You need to understand how important this move is, and get on it!! motovate yourself, and just do it. The cravings are bearable, you just need to make the decision. YOU CAN DO THIS! if you need some other motovation, look up online the effects on your unborn child. I can tell you this as well, no doctor will say its possibly better to cut back vs cold turkey quit.....its always better to quit ASAP. good luck honey....just remember from someone who has just gone thru can do it!!!!!!!


kbriggs24 - January 6

I need to add. My husband just informed me that he thinks that pregnancy forums can seem mean because pregnant women can be mean....LOL I just had to tell you all, because I thought it was funny. Please dont misunderstand my post, it was ment as helpful, I promise. really, good luck with your struggles.


FallenFromHeaven - January 6

firstimemomma - how are you doing? Are you still smoking?



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