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Brandy - May 12

Hey guys, just curious. I hear all these people saying that they are getting their first U/S at 7-9 weeks. However, we saw the doctor yesterday (I am 7 weeks 3 days) and I did not get an U/S. I go back July 6 so that we can doppler the heartbeat. Has anyone else experienced this. Someone told me it is because insurance normally only pays for one-at 20 weeks. Just confused!


Lauren - May 12

I first went to the dr at 8 weeks 4 days. I was told by many people that they would do the v____al u/s but they didn't. I asked why and was told that it was too early to hear/see a heartbeat. On some info they gave me, it said they would check either the first or second appt. so, i am a__suming that my next appt. this month they will check. if not, i will be very upset because i will be 13 weeks 2 days by then and still not sure that there is a baby in there.


Brandy - May 12

Lauren, I am right with you. I am jealous that all these people are getting U/S and hearing/seeing the heartbeat. My doctor didn't mention it. She just said it was too early to hear anything. I guess some docs are just different. I just want to make sure everything is ok.


chrissy - May 12

I didnt get an u/s until I was 12 weeks because the 1st time I went in for just a gyno appt. I found out i was 6 weeks I was pregnant and I switched doctors due to insurance problems so when I went in for my 1st real ob appt i was 12 weeks and they did an u/s then. Then I had another one at 19 weeks to find out the s_x. It all just depends on your doctor...good luck.


Amanda - May 13

I went in yesterday for my first prenatal visit. They did a v____al ultrasound for me because they were not sure how far along I was. From the ultrasound the found I was 7 weeks 3 days and I got to SEE and HEAR the heartbeat. The baby was soooo tiny it looked like a little peanut with arms and legs. So I definatly think that with a v____al ultrasound you should have been able to hear it at 8 weeks 4 days.


lynn - May 13

I am 5 weeks 1 day and my 1st appointment is not until 11 1/2 weeks. The midwife told me since i am low risk there is nothing they can do for me until then. My first ultrasound will be at 11 weeks. I am jealous too!


Alison - May 13

Here in the UK the first scan is usually at 12 weeks. They only scan you early if you have history of miscarriage or eptopic pregnancy or are having worrying symptoms. I have had 2 miscarriages and both times had to be scanned early because we had cause for concern and it was awful. This time I would like to get to 12 weeks without needing to be scanned early as they hold such bad memories for me but I don't know yet if the midwife will want me scanned early. I will find out next week. It seems a long time to have to wait until 20 weeks. But at least they check the heartbeat before then I suppose. Still must be hard waiting. xxx


Kristina - May 13

Wow - I am 7 weeks today and have had 2 u/s already. The first one was at 5w 5d to confirm the pregnancy and the second one was at 6w5d (i had a little brown spotting, so I was concerned) and it showed identical twins with 2 strong heart beats. ! :)


Lynn - May 13

Kristina, congrats on the twins!!! There are twins in my family so I'm hoping for the same. Can't wait for my u/s!


CHH - May 13

We got an u/s at 7 weeks, but that was only because I had spotting, and my hcg levels weren't doubling. I think the norm is to get them later. If you are having no problems, I don't think it is something to worry about.


vanessa - May 13

I think this very much depends on your insurance AND your doctor. It is common practice in my office to do one around 8 weeks to make certain there is a heartbeat, sac and no visible complications. I was glad and felt very lucky to have seen and hear the little heart beating.... it was amazing. Plus, it really helps me feel like this is really happening. I would say that there is no harm in asking your doctor if they will consider doing one to make sure everything is ok.


patience - May 13

I have had 2 already (one in my first visit) and one last Friday - saw the I go back next friday 5/20 to hopefully see the fetal pole and heartbeat!


mom2b - May 13

hi i m in 9th week , and i had one u/s when 6 week , and was hoping for another soon but doc says next u/s will be in sept OMG so many days to go and i m worried if we dont chaeck inbetween, if baby is growing prpperly or not? how often should u/s be done? anybody knows?



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