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ca8 - June 24

I just went to the doctor this week and will be 8 wks tomorrow. My husband and I have been trying for a baby and we both wanted one. Now that I am pregnant, I find that I am pregnant I am confused. I am scared of the changes that will happen in my life as well as unsure of how well I will cope with those changes. I have also been really sick with all day sickness, which is getting better. However, I don't feel like my old self. Has anyone experienced these feelings after finding out that they're pregnant? I am so embarrassed of these feelings, because I really thought I wanted a baby. Please respond!


Nadine-B - June 24

Hi ca8, It's normal to be scared of the unknown and having a baby is a huge responsibility so it's common to doubt how you will handle being a parent. stress less and take it one day at a time, once your baby gets here you will probably wonder why you were even worried. Does your husband know how you feel? Is he supportive? I am 9 weeks pregnant at the moment with my 4th child and finding it hard to get excited. I think it's hard to get excited when you feel so sick and so tired all the time add to that all the crazy hormones and how can you feel like your old self. Anyway don't be too hard on yourself and try to enjoy the experience. I don't know about you but I can't wait until the 2nd trimester so I can feel a bit better.


katrina26 - June 24

I can relate to that I lost a baby due to a ectopic pregnancy and prayed for me to have another baby.And now that I am I wonder if my husband and i can handle it. I think it is just our hormones!!!


ca8 - June 24

Thanks for responding! I, too, had an ectopic pregnancy and said I would try one more time, since the ectopic pregnancy was such a traumatic ordeal. I had my ectopic in Dec. of last year. My husband is super supportive and has told me that everything will be fine. I just hate feeling like this. I feel like I am going crazy. Thanks again!


Lala - June 24

Please don't beat yourself up! What you're feeling is a "text-book" step in early pregnancy. Reading your post is like reading a case study in a text. It's a doc_mented, very normal step in the process of the pregnancy becoming a reality in your mind. STICKY BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!



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