Confusing Ultrasound

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gaudior - February 17

I had my second u/s yesterday. The first was at 5w3d and they saw the yolk sac, tiny fetus and heartbeat. Yesterday at 7w6d, they saw the baby with a strong heartbeat (phew!) but also a teardrop-shaped pocket of fluid. When asked, the technician said that she couldn't tell if it was blood or fluid, and maybe it was an implantation bleed. (I have been very mildly spotting on and off the whole pregnancy.) Imagine my surprise when I met with the doctor and she asked if the technician had told me about the second gestational sac! The doctor says that it's probably a second baby that's not developing. Has anyone had an experience like this? I'm curious why they didn't at least see something in the first u/s, in which the one baby was so obvious. At the time, the technician was very thorough checking everything out. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.


KSM - February 17

did you have normal hcg and progesterone or high for twins?


gaudior - February 17

I honestly don't know if they were high or normal: 4w2d HCG 615 progesterone 12.2; 4w4d 1508 & 16.8; 4w6d 2972 & 23.


moescrilla - February 17

I've heard of "vanishing twin syndrome" when one twin just kind of disapears (because its not getting the nutrients and things it needs) but it is weird you didnt see something in the first u/s unless the one was directly behind the other, thats been known to happen too. Weird.


ChattyKathy - February 17

could be that as your baby grows everything inside kind of shifts. It could have been at an angle that they couldn't make the other sac out. I don't know... Just a guess. But really, the doc and technician need to have better communication =|


gaudior - February 18

Thanks for the responses. I never really believe what any u/s technician tells me; it seems like they're trained to be coy about answering questions unless the answer is certain to be received well. Maybe she thought I'd be heartbroken at the idea of losing a twin; instead I was panic-stricken at the idea of twins! I've barely ever held a baby and never changed a diaper, so the idea of having to learn from scratch with TWO at once is terrifying to me. Not that I wouldn't have welcomed them both. Having had two miscarriages, I'll be eternally grateful for one healthy baby.


bamm - February 18

Hello all. I am so afraid. I m/c last Sept and last week found out i am preggers. I had my u/s at 5 w3d all that they could see was the sac no baby no heartbeat. The doc said this is normal for not being very far along. Is he just trying to keep me calm? Has anyone else been told the same thing then had a healthy baby?


sahmof3 - February 19

I know that there are certain things that u/s techs can't tell you until the u/s is reviewed by a doctor, so maybe that's why they are sometimes vague...


sahmof3 - February 19

bamm... I had one at about that time (5 weeks, some days) with my dd and that's what they saw. They couldn't see a heartbeat, but had me come back at 7 weeks and it was there... nice and strong.


TamaraAngel - February 19

I had Vanishing Twin Syndrome... it's actually very common. Most people don't even know there were two babies at first b/c they don't usually have the U/S so early. At my first u/s at 5w6d there were two bubbles, two heartbeats. At my second u/s at 7w6d there was only one heartbeat and the remnants of the other bubble. That may be what you're seeing, too.



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