Congrats Everyone I Have A Question About Tests

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Mel - December 5

My question is, did any of you get a positive before your af was due? Do the first response tests really work? Do they really show a positive 4 days before your due for af?


yes - December 5

Yes, for myself with my last pregnancy I tested 4 days early with positive. I think it can depend on when you conceived.


Dia - December 5

Nope...not for me, I tested at 12 dpo and got a negative, then tested at 15 dpo (first day of missed period) and got a positive. BUT, I used FR at 12 dpo and Dollar Store test at 15 dpo - got a MUCH stronger positive with Dollar Store test. Hope that helps!


unknown - December 6

hi mel...i didnt get a BFP until 27 days after conception...i might have gotten one earlier, but i was so tired of having one negative test after another, so i just kept putting off and off...and finally i got that BFP i was after. good luck to you...oh yeah, and i used first response as well...but it didnt work for quite some time lol...i hope you get the result that you are looking for!


A - December 6

The earliest I got a positive on a FRED was 14 dpo... which was actually the day AF was due.


Tillie - December 6

I'm so confused by all of these "AF" and "BFP" and "FR"--did you all take a cla__s on pregnancy chat room lingo? I'm so out of the loop. Will someone explain? (And while you're at it--what's a "DH"?) Well, that aside, I took several First Response tests before my period was due and every one came out negative. It wasn't until 2 or 3 days after the missed period that I started getting a faint positive. I'm skeptical now of their claim to show four days before you're due!


Moo - December 6

AF - Aunt Flo (period) BFP - Big Fat Positive BFN - Big Fat Negative FR - First Response Prego Test DH - Dear Husband or DUMB Husband I am still trying to get with all this lingo and I am 13 weeks!


Deb - December 6

I was two days late when I got a positive with FR.



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