Considering A Midwife

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sleeplessinseattle - June 21

Hi everybody, I'm strongly considering a midwife over giving birth at a hospital. I'm 12 weeks, and not really feeling like I'm getting the care and attention that I need from the doctor's office. I still haven't even had my std testing yet. I'm sure of my standing as far as that goes, which is, I'm disease-free, but can't help to think that "what if" I had some disease, this office isn't even trying to catch it soon enough to help me prevent from spreading it to my baby. And my next appt isn't even until I'm 15 weeks. I called a birthing center here in Seattle and just over the phone I could feel the difference in attention and love coming from the midwife vs. the nurses over at the doctor's office. Does anyone have experience with midwives? OR MORE IMPORTANTLY GIVING BIRTH WITHOUT MEDICATION?? This is my first child and I want this experience to be the best it can be for my family.


ROCK - June 23

Hi. I had a midwife deliver my daughter but it was in a hospital setting. She had a really nice bedside manner. She put a mirror at the bottom of the bed during the birth to give me motivation to push. (There is no motivation like seeing the top of your babies head) She also did this sort of ma__sage to my v____a to decrease the pressure when the baby came out and to prevent tearing. Not to be dtr weighed 8lbs and 9oz and I didn't have a st_tch or a hemmroid! I'm glad that I had gone with a midwife and I would recommend it to anyone. I believe it really made a difference in my birthing experience.


binkys mom - June 24

I saw a midwife all the way through my pregnancy and a midwife delivered my child, but in a hospital setting. I loved my midwives. Their practice had 5 midwives and 4 doctors. I had such a positive experience with the midwives...I loved their bedside manner and how they answered any questions and really coached me when my son was born. The great thing is they know so much, and if you would end up having a serious complication or at risk during delivery...they know when to call in a doctor to a__sist them. So yes, I would recommend a midwife!



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