Considering A Natural Birth

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Olivene - December 5

I'm a first-timer. Only 4 weeks. I am thinking about birth options already. Anyone else thinking about an unmedicated hospital birth? I think it is best for the health of everyone, but it is a little scary because I have no idea what to expect. Anyone else in the same boat?


Angela W. - December 5

Hi Olivene. I am also thinking of a natural childbirth and I am also 4 weeks along! Well, actually, I am thinking of doing a pudendal block which numbs just then genital area. The pain of contractions I think I can handle or at least I want to try (even though DH is BEGGING me not to!), but with the possibiblity of tears and stuff, I would rather have pain meds on board for just that part. The pudendal block does not affect the baby and does not make the mother drowsy. The only "bad" s/e is that sometimes you lose some of the sensation that makes you want to push, but if someone is there and tells me to push, I think I'll be able to do it! Sorry for the long post! When are you due? I am due August 11! Good Luck!!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 5

I found out a year ago tomorrow that I was 4 weeks pregnant and was due on Aug 11, so Angela W post struck a sentimental chord with me! Lucas was born 6 days late on Aug 17th this year, but I decided to try for a natural childbirth, because I felt it would be best for my body and the baby. I would really recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a try. I did not go to any cla__ses and the nurses and my dh were very supportive. I will not lie, it is more painful than you can imagine, but labor went fairly quickly, I definitely knew when to push, and he came out in 5 or 6 pushes! It was great. The pain really does stop the second the baby comes out and I was up and about in a few hours! The nurses are really good about telling you how to breathe and focus on controlling the pain instead of it controlling you. But either way you guys decide to go, good luck to you! The pregnancy will go so slow and so fast at the same time. I cannot beleive my beautiful boy is almost 4 mos old already! best wishes on healthy pregnancy and babies!


Steph - December 5

I am 8.5 weeks pregnant and I am thinking about a natural hospital birth. When my daughter was born, I had an epidural, but since my labor was so rapid, I think that natural may be the best way for me to go. My mom had all three of us kids natural, and I think I'd like to try it as well.


Olivene - December 5

Hi, Angela. We have a lot in common. I was thinking about a short term, one time, pain relief method, too, if I feel like I need it. My husband wants me to take the drugs, too. He's in favor of getting whatever I can! I think I am due August 9th, but I go to my first doctors appointment in two days, so it isn't official yet. Rachael, Thanks for the encouragement! Can I ask if you had any tearing during the birth? Steph, keep coming back here. You'll be the first to have your baby.Maybe we can learn from your experince! A fast delivery soundslike a dream come true! Congrats, Angela and Steph, on your pregnancies, and congrats on your little Lucas (love the name!), Rachael!


momoone - December 5

Angela W... contractions hurt much worse then v____al tearing.. by the time it comes time to push, you won't even notice any tears you may have..the urge to push is just so strong that nothing else matters.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 6

Hi Olivene, I did tear a little but only required 2 st_tches. I did not feel it happening, I was only concentratiing on getting him out at that point. But the doc said that I would have needed more st_tches if he had given me an episiotomy. It healed really quickly. I was sore for about 3 or 4 weeks, but nothing unbearable. Hope all goes well! It's very exciting. And I will definitely be doing it again!


Angela W. - December 6

I would just like to add that this is not my first child. I did get an epidural with my first, but not until I was about 7cm, so I'm well aware of what contractions feel like ;) ! I don't know, I just know I will feel more comfortable knowing that I won't feel any tears and I will be ready for an episiotomy if I need one, which I did with my last. Rachael, thanks for your support and good luck Steph and Olivene. My first dr appt is next Thursday and I will be almost 6 weeks ! I can't wait!


unknown - December 6

I had my 1st baby without any pain meds, with my husband as my coach!! My mom had all 9 of hers natural so I guess I was raised with that mindset. I did it because I think it is safest for the baby! I was in labor for 29 hours and pushed for 3 hours and she weighed 9 lbs and 22 inches long. (I weigh 120 not pregnant 5' 6") I am now 10 weeks and plan on another natural birth. Good Luck!!


Steph - December 6

Congrats to you as well Olivene!! With my daughter I had no tearing and no issues with the birth at all and yes, the quick delivery was heaven!! From the time I got to the hospital, she was born in three hours!



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