Constant Metallic Taste In Mouth

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Heidi - March 15

Stupid question but it's been driving me nuts. I always seem to have this horrible metallic taste in my mouth 24/7. It's to the point where I can't even stand drinking tap water. It just makes me gag. It seems like my nausea kicks in when I start getting this taste in my mouth. Some days are worse than others. I'm almost contributing my nausea to this taste as I feel fine when it subsides...which isn't often. I wondered if my chewable prenatal pills were causing it so I started taking them with food but it doesn't seem to matter. It makes everything taste nasty. I brush my teeth and tongue all the time trying to kill this taste but it won't go away. I see my doc today so I'll ask if I don't forget! Just wondering if I'm alone on this one!!!


Misty - March 15

No. You definatly aren't alone on this. I have the same thing and it seems to me also that it is what causes me to feel nauseated. Let me know what your doctor says when you ask him/her. I don't think it is your prenatal vitamins causing it though because I don't have my first doctor visit until Thur. so I don't even have prenatal vitamins yet.


Heidi - March 15

Oh good. I'm not crazy! I'll let you know what she tells me. It's very annoying and it seems that when I start getting this taste is when I start feeling sick all over again. I try to snack all the time just to kill it but even hard candy doesn't help and by that time I feel so sick I don't want to eat or taste anything. Yuck!!!! I'm seeing her after work tonight. I'll definately let you know.


Misty - March 15

Oh yes, I forgot, those little red and white mints seemed to help a little for me.


Heidi - March 15

That and gum! Chewing on sunflower seeds in the shell seem to help while sitting at my desk too. But then I'm terribly thirsty and then water tastes like c___p. Ha ha!


Heidi - March 16

I went to my doc yesterday for my 2nd visit and I told her about the m/s and taste in my mouth and she said it was my prenatal pills causing it and probably causing my m/s (they're chewable) and she said to cut back on them to every other day. I didn't take them last night and I feel great today. I actually got up and slammed a huge gla__s of pineapple juice and ate a bowl of cookie crisp and felt wide awake. She said skipping every other day won't hurt anything and prenatal vits have more in them than regular vits do and I even had a problem taking Centrum every day. Just too much vitamins! I heard the heartbeat too! Good and strong she said and all my bloodwork was good.


Misty - March 16

I wonder what is causing it for me then? I'm not on a prenatal vitamin yet : ( Oh well, I have my doctors appt. tomorrow, I will ask her then. I'm glad that you are feeling better, and it is always good to hear the heartbeat, it puts your mind at ease that everything is OK. : )


Heidi - March 16

Misty - I wondered that too. I also thought that maybe my m/s was tapering off a little too since I'm at 9 weeks tomorrow. Could be! I'm knocking on wood. A few weeks ago I got a two day break from m/s and thought it was over but I was soooo wrong. So I'm just enjoying feeling good and hope that skipping the pill every other day will help relieve the m/s. Good luck to you! I hope your first appt goes good!


Anna - July 18

Is there anyone out there who became pregnant while having a copper IUD?


Elisabeth S - July 18

Hi Anna-I have a copper IUD-Paraguard, and I got a BFP yesterday! I felt pregnant and took it and got a positive.....then today I got a BFN...don't know what is going period is still not due for a few days...maybe i got a negative today because of I'm not due for a few days. I know you are not supposed to get false positives....why do you have one and think you are preg? And by the way I have a horrible metallic taste in my mouth right now....thats how I ended up on this forum! seems to be a sign?


cayingo - July 18

A metallic taste is most definitely a symptom of pg. Quite common, and I don't think it has anything to do w/ prenatals; just hormones and body chemistry. Check out the link on this page just to the left of the answer box (or any other pregnancy site) for verification.


Skyla - July 19

You can always try to suck on mints or even drink mint tea. It helps me with the nausea.



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