Constant Nausea Has Me Depressed

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frankschick2001 - May 12

Hi, I feel guilty for even writing this. I had a miscarriage in 2005 and swore that when I got pregnant I would never complain about symptoms (I didn't have a single symptom with first pregnancy). Anyway, here I am, almost 8 weeks along and I have never been so miserable. I feel so terrible for even saying that. But the morning sickness has me very depressed. I've tried everything from sea-bands to ginger infussed teas and cookies. My doctor said that he doesnt really want to prescribe anything unless I am throwing up, losing weight and unable to olerate food or liquid. I am not throwing up. Most of the nausea is more like a dizzy, queasy feeling in my head, not in my stomach. Although at night I do get to where I start gagging for no reason. I don't know how much longer I can del with it. I ignore my dog, housework, have not been to work for three days. I'm at the end of my rope. BF is very helpful, but I am sure he'll get tired of going to work and then coming home to do housework every night. It scares me that I will end up feeling like this for the next 7 months. I just wish I could feel as happy as I know I am inside about this pregnancy. It was what I wished for and now look at me, I'm a total mess.


ElizabethAnn - May 12

hey sweetie, I totally understand how you feel.. I also have been really nausous but without throwing up! It's horrible!!! i gag alllll day long, I'll be out in public and just gag outta nowhere, i dont even have time to run somewhere where people cant see!!! Its miserble, and mine just started at 10 weeks (im now 12w3d) so i prob have a bit longer to go.. just try and hang in there!!! I know this is really bad, but i have noticed that coca cola makes me feel a lot better!!! I've tried the ginger, crakers all that stuff and nothing else helps! I just need to stop drinking it once i feel better, otherwise im gunna gain a million pounds!! I'm glad you have a supportive bf! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! i bet you'll feel better soon!


iakram - May 12

hi frankschick - i'm sorry that you're going though this. give it a few more weeks and all will be better very soon. i had severe MS with my son, then when i got preg again [shortly MC at 12 weeks] but that MS was the worst ever! Don't worry about the housework, work just try and take care of yourself. I really wish the Dr would prescribe something to you, but I also see his apprehension since you're not vommiting, but the pills really really help! i'm not an advocate for meds to begin with but the pills i still take with this preg are a God sent - they help me soooo much. I was pretty sick with this preg up until 8-9 weeks this time i was lucky not to have it soo severe. Looking like a total mess - well honey don't worry about it..b/c as soon as you hit the 2nd tri with all the extra blood you're skin will be glowing in no time :) All the best hon


knpandrews - May 12

Hi frankschick2001. I am 17 wks. 3 days pregnant and have nausea everyday all day long from week 8. However, that is not very common. Usually the nausea will tapper off around 12-14 wks. Some things that are recommended are stuff like preggi pops or sucking on peppermints. I usually throw up what ever I eat until about 3 pm. After 3 pm I get severe heartburn. I have lost almost 10 lbs. in 17 wks. but the baby is growing well. however, I was very depressed around wk. 15 because I felt liek this was never going to end... but one thing i did realize is there is a light at the end of this tunnel and its a beautiful healthy baby boy or girl. Try and focus on eating right. Drink water and suck on peppermints during the day to help with any saliva. Also, try lemon juice or ust sucking on a lemon. I feel for you darlin... hang in there. There are alot of other women who would kill for the morning sickness as well as alot of women who would kill to get rid of it. :) Just hang in there... feel free to email me at [email protected] if you wanna chat.


frankschick2001 - May 12

Thanks ladies for all your advice. A this point all I can do is cry because I cannot imagine feeling like this for weeks on end. I'm just very frustrated that there seems to be nothing I can do to make myself feel better. Getting out doesn't help. It actually gets worse as I walk and now with the dizziness, I am afraid to drive by myself too. I'm just at my wits end. I feel so weak that so many women go through this, and here I am crying over morning sickness.


Andy - May 12

Hi Franks. You responded to my post last week about m/s and I've just read yours and felt the need to respond. Do not beat yourself up or feel quilty for the way you are feeling. I completely understand and have cried many times over the past 4 weeks over physically feeling the same way as you do. I've cancelled a family vacation and have pretty much forced my amost 3 yr old to sit in the house with me day in and day out due to not being able to get up off the couch or a chair. I haven't showered since Wednesday and am hoping I feel good enough to do so this evening. I feel depressed as well, especially when people ask me what we have planned for the weekend and I say lay on the couch and fight the nausea. I look out the window each day, wishing I could just get dressed and enjoy the nice spring weather. Instead, I stay in and don't get out of my pajamas most days. I have laundry piled up and the house is pretty messy. My husband helps out as much as he can, but lets face it, men can't clean a house as good as a women (or at least mine can't). I feel bad that he has to come home from work everyday and look at me sitting on the couch, sometimes barely able to have a conversation with him, let alone make a dinner. He has picked up take out almost every night. My point is to not feel bad or guitly for wanting to feel 'normal' again. You are not alone. I cannot tell you when you'll feel better because everyone is different but I sure hope that you don't have to suffer much longer. Does your Dr know that it has affected your ability to work and function? Maybe you can convince him/her to let you take something, like Zofran. I bought this stuff called Morning Sickness Magic online. After I got it I realized I needed to drink 1 tbsp of it.... then, after smelling it, I couldnt do it. I also bought sugar coated ginger candy. I took one little bite and realized that the tast of ginger is not for me. Therefore, I know what you mean when you say that you've tried everything and nothing works. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. If you need to keep venting, don't hesitate.


hthab - May 12

Hi frankschick. I'm at 6 weeks, and I've been continuously nauseous since Tuesday. I'm also starting to get depressed. Stupidly, I never expected to be miserable during my pregnancy. I was healthy before I got pregnant, and even went for a 6 mile run (very slow) this weekend. I feel like I'm totally falling behind at work because I just sit at my desk and eat crackers all day. I'm not gagging, but I constantly feel on the verge of gagging. I just can't concentrate. I haven't told them at work that I'm pregnant, but I'm seriously considering taking a leave of absense until I feel better. I tried the wrist band, which didn't work for me either. I've been drinking ginger tea, but I don't think that it does much. I feel absolutely horrible. I feel bad that my husband has to put up with me being miserable. Like you, I can't imagine feeling like this for several more weeks. I can't believe that I've made it through 4 days! So I totally sympathize with you, and you're not alone! We'll survive. Are you able to sleep through the night? I keep waking up around 1:30 feeling like c___p, so I eat a few crackers and then fall asleep again.


frankschick2001 - May 13

Hi ANDY & HTHAB: I am still feeling like c___p, hope you guys are doing a little better. HTHAB: I definitely dont sleep through the night. Last night I woke up at 3:30 with the most viscious heartburn. Had to wake BF up to rub my back until it started to subside. Then went to sleep sitting up. Woke up again at 5-something. I know what both of you mean, I cannot take the taste of ginger. I don't even like it when I am feeling fine! crackers dont help, sometimes coca cola makes me feel like its helping, but I think I have gotten so desperate that I am inventing cures for myself. I have not cooked dinner since the m/s started. I am jealous of every single person around me who feels fine. I wish I could describe the ill feeling to somone, but how do you describe a feeling of nausea that is behind your eyes, like it hurts to look up??? How can I describe "head queasy-ness"? Yesterday I finally cried and cried and then when I was done, I realized what a huge mistake that was because it made me feel like I had only gaiven myself a headache! I just have no escape from this at all.


AshleyB - May 13

Hey Frankschick, I know how you feel. I've been sooooo sick. I missed all my cla__ses last week and didn't go to work at all either. Went to the hospital on monday and had to get and IV and some tests done. We did an u/s and everything is great with baby, but I feel guilty too. I've been throwing up non-stop for weeks. I was so dehydrated. I couldn't keep hardly anything down. I first started getting sick around 5.5wks, and now I"m 9wks, and now it's getting a little better, I've had a day or two here and there, where I didn't throw up, but usually its all day every day. Hopefully it will all be over soon and we'll both be able to enjoy our pregnancies. Just be glad you're not a puke machine like me. :) LOL. Good luck, keep your chin up. It'll get better.


singlem0m - May 13

I feel the same way! I've only had ms for 5 days now and I'm getting really depressed. I can't live my own life anymore! I can't go to the store, I cant even go on a walk without getting sick. I'm getting absolutely nothing done. Its really hard since my baby wasn't planned and the father refuses to help. I wasn't ready for my life to change this drastically. I've tried the sea bands, they seem to help just a tad. I'm going to get the prego pops and see if they help at all.


AshleyB - May 13

The preggo pops really help me. When I'm super nausious, they settle the belly a bit.


frankschick2001 - May 15

SINGLEMOM: I feel bad that the baby's father is being so unhelpful. Are you two together? My BF is helping a lot with the cleaning around the house. Other than that, not much help! I feel bad, he works a lot and he's tired too. But it would be nice if he would cook. I have no prepared a single meal in weeks. I cannot imagine standing up in the kitchen for that long! ASHLEY: I know what is going on with you from the other thread. I am glad and relieved that your m/s is easing up a bit. Yeah, the only thing I have in my favor is that I am not puking that much. I am 8 weeks today and praying that this is the last week of m/s fo rme, but who knows. I have a doctor appt. tonight and I'll see what he suggests at this point.


Jodie86 - May 15

Hey, i know exactly how you feel!!! Up until last week i was like that, only i was untill stupid o'clock being sick, not being able to eat, or go any where near the washing up or even cleaning products as it all made me feel so ill! Well i went to my doctors, and told her how depressed i was getting, and she signed me off work for a week. I'm back today, and i feel a lot better for it, i feel more together, and although i went back to being sick this morning, i some how managed to cope with it all! Just try and keep your chin up hunnie, i wonder how something so small can cause so much trouble!!!! I really hope you feel better soon hunnie!!! You'll be fine, just take it easy!


hthab - May 15

I went to see a doctor on Saturday night because I couldn't take the nausea anymore. They gave me Zofran, which really helped. I still get queasy when I try to move around a lot, but I can live my life again, and try to eat healthy foods again. I hate taking medication, but they said that they give it to women with bad morning sickness all the time. It's a little pill that dissolves in your mouth, and I take one every 8 hours. It's very expensive ($800 for a one week supply), so they said that if people don't have insurance for prescriptions, they recommend different drugs. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't gotten the medication.


im_danielle_hi - May 15

ok i have come on to this forum cos i know most of you girls are pregnant or have been pregnant. Here goes i am not due my af till 22nd May 2006 and i am on cd 24 and 9 days after ovualtion but yesterday 23 May i started bleeding brownish blood then it turned to pinkinsh red could this be implantation bleeding ? did anyone you you ladies experience this when you were pregnant anyone who can help is much appreciated thank you



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