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Vivi - November 1

I am a bit over 5 weeks in and I am having constipation and gas that really bothers my belly! Is there anything I can take or eat to make it better? Thanks!


h - November 1

I have heard that drinking alot of water helps and eating veggies. Hope this helps. You could also try to get your prenatal vitamins for they have the stool softener in them.


to h - November 1

thanks .. I am taking my prenatals but I did not know they have stool softner in them! :) I will try more H20 and more veggies then! :)


leigh - November 1

Drinking three 24oz bottles of water a day has worked wonders for me. Keep hydrated and you should feel better. & I agree eat some greens, spinach & /or brocoli - those will help you go. I've also been told that you can use over the counter fiber supplements if absolutely necessary. good luck !


K - November 2

I'm having the same prblm. I havn't found much relief w/the gas but as far as the constipation. A big bowl of raisin brand each day has been helping in addition to the water. Good luck!


emma - November 2

PRUNE JUICE!!! Prune juice saved my life. If you don't like a taste mix it with some orange juice.


Sabrina - November 2

When your body becomes dehydrated, one of the first fluids to decrease is the one that helps push out bowel movements. That's why it is so important to drink the water. Check your prenatal for the amount of iron in it. They can contain from 18 mg up to 60 mg of iron, and if it's ojn the high side, consider swithcing for a brand with less iron - this can also plug you up. Finally, I just wanted to let you know that if you later experience leg cramps (espcially popular in 3rd trimester when bones are developing more), increase your calcium immediately and the cramps should stop.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 2

My doctor told me to stay away from fruits and veg... whole wheat fibre is best.. ie oatmeal... baked potatoes and whole grain pasta... he said to limit amount of rice and stay away from apple sauce which in fact I have been eating alot of ...


Jasmine - November 2

Metamucil. I am 13 weeks pregnant and I've had this problem too. I hear you.


jules - November 3

how soon did you constipation start?


Vivi - November 4

My constipation started quite early I would say on the day before my missed period. I am like clock work and proud of it, now I feel like something very precious has been taken away, temporarily I hope!


Audrey - November 9

I made diet changes to include more fiber but it didn't help much. Homemade bran muffins and Metamucil have been my best friends for the past two weeks!



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