Constipation And Gas

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R - March 23

Since I found out I was pregnant, I've had some serious constipation issues. I go about once a week. But, I tend to feel the need to go more often, it just won't come out. Is there anything I can take? that won't hurt the baby or cause my vitamins to come right back out of me. I also tend to have gas for a day or two before I am actually able to use the bathroom. Does anyone else suffer from this, if so how do you cope? and is this normal??


michelle v - March 24

i'm the same... does it give you pain.. i'm in alot of painwith trapped wind, normally every day i go but didn't go for 3 days.. i'm sure you can take fybogel, i normally have to take this for my irritable bowel. i will ring my doc and ask x


C - March 24

I had the same problem, but I found out drinking plenty of water and a gla__s of Prune Juice does the trick for me. Liquids soften the stool so you can pa__s it easily.


Kelly K - March 24

I'm in the same boat and agree with C. If you can't handle the juice, then I'd suggest the dried prunes. That's what I end up having to eat. Either that or I hit up Taco Bell and that seems to work too!


Monica - March 24

Hi. I have had horrible constipation for the past 5 weeks or so. I am 12 weeks tomorrow and I know how you feel. I have tried a lot of things and what I found that works is combining a stool softener called Colace (2-3x a day) with Citrucel one time a day and a LOT of water. I had a really hard time drinking water since I was so nauseated but now it has eased up a little and I have been able to drink more water. I can't tell you how happy I was yesterday when I had a bm that was almost back to normal. I wanted my hubby to come and see since it has been such an ordeal for me but he thought that was gross and didn't want to. I thought it was funny. I felt like celebrating such a huge victory!!! I tried the prune juice and all it did for me was make my stomach rumble all night and gave me squirts. It was horrible. I do not recommend it but maybe your stomach can handle it. Have you called your doc to find out what he/she recommends? I was told that Colace and Citrucel or metamucil are safe. Just make sure you drink a lot of water with the citrucel. They say it can cause choking if you don't. Hope this helps. Good luck pooping!!!


AMB - March 30

Michelle-what is fybogel??? And everyone else here, I've had this problem IBS for 10 years now. (I'm 29) I am about once a week and in the meanwhile feel like a bloated pig. It wasn't this bad before I became pregnant. It has gotten worse. ( I am just over 12 weeks) I will definatley try prune juice although it sounds nasty! I am better with pills. There is some good advice in these posts. Thanks!



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