Continue Spotting For More Than A Week

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amy - October 1

I found I was pregnant more than a week ago, since then I keep spotting redish, not much. My last period is Aug. 8. Right now, Oct. 01. It is my first pregnancy, so I really worry if it is sign of miscarriage? i had blood test twice in about three day, the first one came with hcg at 257, the second one hcg is 269. according to the book, it should increase dramatically. is that also the sign of miscarriage?


kim - October 2

Amy, I am in the same situation. My last period was Aug 4. The weird thing was that I had a period with brown spotting and bleeding in the middle of Sept. I found out I was pregnant last Sunday when I started bleeding after s_x. I had brown spotting all week and some red blood this morning. I had the HCG tests all week too. My first number was 213, the second 336, and the last one was 553. My doctor said it should increase at least 60% but everything I read has these wide ranges of numbers so I am not sure what it means. I have to go again tomorrow but after the bleeding this morning, I am worried that its a sign of mc too. This is my first preganancy. Let me know what happens and best of luck.


amy - October 4

I went back to see the doctor today, and had my blood test again. The HCG was 348. The doctor told me that it was too low for the normal pregnancy, and it is most probably the early sign of miscarraige. My husband and I felt so sad after we learn it. We still need to see the specialist to confirm it this week. Anyway, kim, we wish you good luck.


kim - October 11

I am so sorry. I received the same diagnosis. My level went down to 321 then 188 now, a week later, 164. So now I am worried about that. Its supposed to go down at the same rate. I hope all goes well for you.


asiliah - October 12

I am sorry to hear what you both are going through, I went through the same last year, except mine was an ectopic pregnancy, I had brown spotting not much pain though, I guess that is because we were able to catch it before the abby grew any bigger in my tube. anyways i just thought I would let you know a little of my story so you know you are not alone be careful, if they do not see a sac in your belly then ask for a vag ultra sound, that is how I found out. Take care


m - October 12

I sure wish your dr. wouldn't be so discouraging. Honesty is one thing, pessimism is another. It may be an early sign, but there is always that chance that your levels just aren't rising as fast as other women. At least they are rising!! My doctor told me there wasn't anything to worry about unless they either stayed the same or went down. Your doctor needs to say "this COULD be an early sign, BUT it might not be." Say a prayer. It isn't over yet! Keep us posted.


w - October 12

hey asiliah how far was u wen u started to spot please. I have a pain in my left side and i aint sure if it is a water infection. thanks


alisiah - October 12

I was almost 4 weeks I let it go on for 3 weeks before i went to the dr though. bad idea on my part to wait we got it in time though, It was in my left tube.How far along are you?


Karrie - October 30

I am 3 weeks late and I also had spotting last week. Took 4 preg. tests and they are all neg. Did you get your blood test back right away?



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