Contiuation Of Preganancy

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ravi - January 17

hi my wife's LMP is nov 24th 2006 . Urinary preg test is positive. ultrasound done on jan 9th 2007 showed only gestational sac but no fetal pole. she has no bleeding or abd pain. she is taking susten 200mg tab once a day and tab doxinate sos for vomiting. doctor asked us to repeat scan after 2 weeks as her cycles were irregular thinking that it could be delayed conception. i would like to know whether pregnancy is going to continue or not?


DownbutnotOUT - January 17

That is so hard to determine just by one ultrasound, did the dr do any blood work to check HCG levels? just to give you a quick rundown in 48 hours HCG levels double, some cases 72 hours, anyway usually drs do HCG test and ask you to come back and do a repeat in 48 hours. by doing this they can get a better idea if the pregnancy is viable, abnormal, or non-viable. I was 4 weeks 5 days and they u/s tech said she saw nothing, no fetal sac nada and by than the sac at least should have been there. all the tech saw was some fluid in my pelivs, well im 19 weeks and 3 days preggers with a wee one that has a strong heartbeat and good kick. I would speak to your dr about getting the HCG tests done, take care :)


DownbutnotOUT - January 17

well your wife's dr lol


Elana - January 17

Sometimes the LMP isn't quite accurate if the menstrual cycle isn't exactly 28 days. I had an u/s last week and according to my LMP, which was 11.19, I was supposed to be 7wk5d, but the u/s said I was somewhere around 6 wk. I went back for another u/s yesterday and it said I was 7w2d and the heartbeat was healthy. I would definitely talk to your dr. and try not to worry til your next u/s. The dates may be a couple of wks. off. Good luck!


jen327 - January 17

Ravi, your story sounds like mine. I cant tell you if your wife's pregnancy will continue, but I can tell you my story to hopefully give you hope. I have very irregular cycles and suffer from PCOS. I ovulated 19 days after my LMP. When I was 5w4d I fainted and the ER did an u/s. They saw a ges sac but no fetal pole. They did not even see a yolk sac. But the tech a__sured me that at this early stage it is often too early to see anything. Obviously it is there, but to tiny to catch with u/s waves. Remember it is as small as a spec of dust or maybe a grain of rice. I went back 10 days later and there was the little bean with a heartbeat at 6 w 6 days. Anyway, if your wife has m/s that is a good sign, that is her body reacting to the HCG hormone. Most likely your dr did a blood test and will probably want to do another in a few days, if they are ask what the HCG levels are. That is what they are checking for. They are supposed to double every 48 hours. Good luck!



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