Could I Be Having Twins

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Laurie - November 23

Hello I have a question I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I have gained 10 pounds and my belly is showing already i cant fit in any of my jeans!!! It's elastic pants from hear on in... My appat_te has doubled I mean I'll eat a meal and two hours later I'm starving and eat another meal I've tried just snacking but it makes me hungrier. It's crazy I'm afraid I'm having twins my mom is a twin and her mom had two sets of twins My husbands mom side has multiple sets of twins con anyone give any suggestions Please!!!


Christine - November 23

I dont know if those as symptoms would mean twins...but I would say between your family and his family you have a strong chance...though I have always heard it skips a generation...which would be yours...if its true...good luck


Laurie - November 23

Thanks I'll need it.. I see my doctor on thursday... Mabie he can help ease my mind. Do you have any children? Christine!


Christine - November 23

I am on my 3rd now...5 months all girls...


sonia - November 23

Laurie... oh my goodness, i am 6 weeks pregnant with the same symtoms. I have gained 10 pounds. My jeans do not fit at all. I eat like a maniac.However, I do not think there are twins in any of our families. If I don't have twins, I think this will be one fat baby !!


Laurie - November 24

sonia- Thanks I'm glad to have somebody having the same symptoms as I. did u make a doctors apt. yet? Let me know what happens when you do!!!


l - November 24

What you need to remeber is that psychologically you have told yourself that you are pregnant and eating for 2. MYTH!!! You should only consume 300 extra calories per day and that is not much. Most likely your poor diet is causing you to gain fat instead of nutrients that you need. Watch what you eat, you are not a human garbage dump for all food everywhere.


Laurie - November 24

Okay who are you??? For one thing I've eaten healthy since I moved out on my own that was 10 years ago I follow the Best odds diet faithfully. And for another you shouldn't accuse people of bieng a human garbage disposal before you know all the facts.!!! Thirdly the last time I read the rules and regulations for this site ( this is a positive site) Not negative so if you don't have anything Positive to writr to ME don't answer ME at all THANKS!!!!!!!


Jana - November 24

I've been having similar symptoms - eating *all* the time, extreme fatigue, outgrowing my pants - and I'm five weeks today. And I'm a vegetarian health food nut. So there.


Larissa - November 24

Isn't pregnancy wacky.. I'm 14 weeks and you would never guess!!


Sonia - November 27

Laurie.. That person's comment was so out of line. I was 110 lbs and now 120. I am not a human garbage disposal. What a jerk huh? Anyway, My doctor won't see me until I'm 8 weeks but I'll let you know if a have 2 in there.


Laurie - November 30

I saw my doc and he is concerned that I might be having twins he is going to keep an eye on me. If I have anymore symptoms or weight gain he is going to send me for an ultrasound!!! My mom is a twin !!! and there's multaple twins on my husbands mothers side . Only time will tell I guess.


Debra - November 30

Looks like there is a good chance you might be having twins, but even if it's a singleton, I would not worry too much about your appet_te. I think it's better than having extreme nausea! I wish you the best!


eyebeeablessing2u - November 30

try this site..... Let us know yoru results LOL????


Amy - December 5

Hi Laurie! I think that you have a really strong possibility of twins, either that or one big baby! I am almost seven weeks and haven't gained any weight yet, but I have the same extreme hunger that you're talking about, it's really insane! It's really true what they say, every woman is different, but I say it's a very strong possibility of twins! Write us back to let us know!


Laurie - December 6

Last night I measured my belly from my pubic bone to right under my b___st bone and I measure 13 inches wow thats alot for only bieng 7 weeks I'm sick all day everyday that started last week. The smell of everything makes me gag... I am tired all the time This pregnancy is sooo different from my sons...Oh and I've gained 3 lbs in two weeks and thats with not eating like i should because the smell of most foods make me gag....


sonia - December 7

Laurie. Went for the u/s. baby is fine, saw the heartbeat. I'm not having twins, I'm just eating too much because I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant. Sounds like you may be carrying 2. Good luck to you !!



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