Could I Be PREGNANT Im 16 Please Answer

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jenna - August 26

hey.. i took the deprovera shot twice.. the first time i took it the doctor told me to wait untill i got my period to get the next shot, my period came within a week of my first shot running out... when i got my second shot the doc told me that the shot would be done on the 20th of july.. me and my b/f had un protected s_x on the 2nd of july... and since ive been done the shot i havnt gotten my period.. i had some brownish spotting for about 5 days.. so on the 12 of aug i got a blood and urine test from the doc. but it came up neg. ... i have been very bloated.. with some cramping and nausios feeling.. could i still be preg?!... what r the chances?


.. - August 24



Jennifer - August 25

Take a pregnancy test and go see your doctor.


Shelley - August 25

Take a at home pregnancy test and see if it comes up negative. I have been on the shot also and I didn't get my period for 3 months. That is why I didn't like it, I was always scared I was pregnant! And have protected s_x, you are only 16! Take care of yourself.


Annie - August 26

I was on the shot for 4 year and it took me 8 months to get my period. I never felt good becasue my body was never back to normal. The shot is one of the worst things you can do to your body. If the Dr.'s test came back negative and it was 4 weeks after you had unprotected s_x I would not worry about it. Try not to worry your self, that will only make it worse.


Shantelle - November 16

I also was on the shot for 4 years and it does some weird things to your body, let me tell ya. Dont be worried I honestly dont think your pregnant, the shot effects every woman differently. Wait it out, in the meantime, I would suggest a different form of BC, the shot is no good for your body in the long term in can actually make you temporarily infertile. Just my opinion, but dont be too concerned.


ashley - November 17

well i am a medical a__sistant and i dont think you pregnant because when some people get the shot some side effects of the shot may include not getting your period and your bloated because you are retaining water and from not releasing the blood that causes people to get bloated .... and you had a blood test done and it came up neg.. so i wouldnt worry about being pregnant because that is very accurate



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