Could I Be Pregnant Again

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Teena - January 1

My baby is 3 months old and i am still br___tfeeding, i had my period last month and i am late. I took a home pregnancy test and it says i'm pregnant, could it be real? please help


awww - January 1



leslie - January 1

wow that was quick :) Sounds like it to me- then again your body does some crazy things after you give birth. At least your babies will be close in age! WHat a handfull!


Deb - January 1

If it says pregnant, then you are pregnant! Breastfeeding is not a form of birth control, contrary to what you might have been told. It's an old wives tale! Good luck!


Teena - January 3

Thanks ladies (Deb, Leslie and awww), Yes i am pregnant, got confirmed by doc. I don't think i will be sleeping for two years now.


Amanda - January 4

Hey Teena -- I just had twins three months ago and am b___stfeeding as well! I am experiencing a lot of strange symptoms making me think I am pregnant -- took a test Dec 22 but it was negative. Have you/are you experiencing any weird b___st changes(such as painful let down?) thanks!


Teena - January 4

Amanda, No i haven't been feeling any sypmtoms at all, i just took the test because i had my period after 2 months of giving birth and it was late so i decieded to take the pregnancy test. Now that i have taken it i am begining to feel nauseous, i don't know if it is just psychological or what. It must be so hard with 3 month old twins. I find it a handful even with one. My girl just had her 3 month docs appointment and she is 16lbs15oz, quiet healthy. Good luck and keep me informed.


baby#2inaug - January 5

Hun, you sound scared. First of all take it easy; you have a brand new bundle of joy, and by the sounds of it, another one on the way. False positive pregnancy tests are pretty rare. I was in doubt myself when I found out we we're expecting. Honestly #2 was not planned. Me and my fiancee has JUST gotten engaged and found out less than a week later there is a baby on the way. I have a gorgeous almost 7 year old daughter from a different father. We are all very excited about the new baby, due August 9th. One positive about expecting again soon after the birth of your baby is that they will be very close in age and be able to enjoy eachother's company and grow together. No matter what, I wish you the best and hope that everything turns out happy for you and your family. Drop a line back if you would like, Best wishes


Teena - January 5

Thanks baby#2inaug, thanks for all your advice and support. I am now slowly getting used to the idea. Sometimes i get excited and at other times worry how tough its going to be. But as u said, they will be close to one another and i look at it as a gift from God. R u still b___stfeeding, if so how's that going? I want to continue to b___stfeed for as long as i can. So do u want to know the s_x of your new baby? Good luck.



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