Could I Been Feeling The Baby Yet

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nicolesummers - June 24

i'm in my 9th week of my second preg.i think i have been feeling fluttering. can that be possible?


mary b - June 24

I'm sorry to say sweetie but it's just gas bubbles...but they do feel very similar to the real won't be able to feel your baby till about 18 weeks..


Bilmes123 - June 25

I felt the same way...and I haven't been ga__sy. So I think it was fluttering ( my body is really sensitive ) Like I mean pretty much zero gas unless I eat something that will make me ga__sy. I used to be really bad before I became pregnant lol. I'm 15 weeks now and I can't wait till I can feel the baby kick


jeni23 - June 25

You can feel your baby anywhere from 14to 20 weeks,but it is similar,just to early.Im in my 9th week also when is your due date?


austynsmommy - June 25

with my first I felt fluttering at 18 weeks and with my second I felt them at 14 weeks. I cant wait to feel them again.


mjvdec01 - June 25

With my first I felt movement at 22 weeks. This time it was much earlier at 15 weeks. With subsequent pregnancies you know what to look for, so typically you notice the babies movement earlier.


mayalene - June 26

perhaps you have a future profesional soccer player in there!


Tomygirl77 - June 26

I am 12 weeks along and feel the baby flutter also. This is my 2nd child and I remember this from the 1st time I was pregnant. I think it is completely possible and not gas. I was told by my doctor that the thinner that you are and the thinner that your stomach wall is, the more likely you can feel the baby.


nicolesummers - June 26

i'm not really a small woman before my daughter i weighed about 140. before this baby i weighed about 130 but i felt preg.about three weeks before i found out i was 4weeks. i dont know if im sensitive or what . but thanks for all the input


browneyes888 - June 28

I'd say anything is possible. your second pregnancy you are more sensitive to what it going on w/ your body.. could be gas or could be the real thing! you just never know.


E586467 - June 29

I felt my first at 15wks & was scared not to feel anything with #2 til 18wks, but it turned out to be because the placenta was growing up the front & cushioning the movements. I believe it has alot to do with your weight & placental positioning as to when you will feel the baby. I am 12wks with #3 & swear the other night when I was lying on my back that I felt movement. I laughed it off as gas, but my womb has already popped out & can be easily felt if I'm lying on my back so I guess it might have been the real deal :)



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