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lisamc - April 2

Ok girls, looking for some reassurance and seeing if any of you have been through something similar. I lost a baby last November when I was 9w5d (baby measured 6w2d) So when I found out I was pregnant again in February we were thrilled. Now I have opted to do early testing such as bloodwork and early scans for peace of mind this time around, my dr. did warn me sometimes these tests if not conclusive can add to the stress, so at 5w I had the bloodwork done and my hcg was doubling every 48 hours so that was good. I also had an ultrasound at 5w5d but it was too small and too early to see anything but a small black dot on the screen. So today I went back 2 weeks later for another scan - they did transabdominal and transva___al but were unable to see the heartbeat. I was measuring 6w4d, but found out (and they didn't tell me this) but two weeks ago I was measuring a week behind also, so the sak had grown two weeks in two weeks, they were able to see the gestational/yolk ask and a fetus in it but that it wasn't uncommon to not see the heartbeat at 6w4d for everyone (I guess some can see it early some can't, it could just be the conditions and the differences atomically). I could have implanted later so they are not worried about the dates as they said everything is going in the right direction. So any insight? I was so disappointed to not see the heartbeat today, but the Dr. didn't seem worried at all. I have to wait two more weeks for another scan.. not sure how I will make it through those two weeks!!!!


HeatherIsHopeful - April 2

aww, poor thing... I know this is a very stressful time but just wait it out and see what happens at your next scan. Im sure everything is fine! :) good luck hon.


Mrs.Hath - April 2

LISA: I am so sorry you didn't see the HB. My doctors purposely scheduled me at 7w1d for my first ultrasound as they said that they do NOT always see a heart beat in the 6th week. Rather than stress me out, they decided to wait. As you know, I ended up needing a scan at 6w1d b/c I thought I had another m/c over the weekend. That said, the doctors did warn me that we might NOT see the heart beat. So, I suppose my rea__surance to you is that it is very possible that your bean is still okay. I wouldn't wait 2 weeks though. By 7 weeks, you should really see it.


lisamc - April 2

thanks girls! I appreciate the kind words, I am not sure why but I have this feeling of peace, like its all going to be ok, so I have to believe that. MRSHATH: your story is awesome, I really couldn't be happier for you!!!!


Rekcus - April 2

If your HCG levels are good and high, I'm sure everything is fine.


Judi Sarah - April 3

LISA - MRSHATH told us in the pregnancy loss forum about your post here. she asked us all to pray so we are all praying for you and your bean! i truly believe in the power of prayer, so God willing, everything will be abso-tude-lutely fine! keep us posted over there!


softbreeze200 - April 3

Lisamc - I am sure all is fine. I went at 7w1d after aprevious m/c and there was the little heartbeat flickering ever so lightly. BUt it was there. It is really common to not see the heartbeat in the 6th week, so do not fret. But maybe call and see if they can bump you up to next week. Also I think a mothers intution is the strongest thing out there, and if you are feeling a sense of peace and calmness, I am sure your little one is doing just fine and just getting stronger. I too felt wiht this pregnancy that everythingwas different and it was all going to be ok, and I am now 22w1d and all is well. Keep your faith and just try to keep yourself busy so the time pa__ses quicker. Best of luck. Keep us posted!



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