Couldn T Find Heartbeat Worried

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AmandaO - July 3

My friend rented me one of the fetal doppler monitors so I could be "reassured" and know that everything is okay. Not exactly what happened......I could hear my heartbeat, but not the baby's,,,,,I am 12 weeks today and don't have another appointment until the 19th. I saw the baby's heartbeat at 7 and 9 weeks and have no cramping or bleeding, All the literature says not to panic if you can't find it, but that is easier said than done. Anyone else have experience with the Dopplers? Thanks!


Maggie - July 3

A lot of rental dopplers aren't sensitive enough to pick up a heartbeat at 12 weeks, especially if you are just entering the 12th. week. If you are that scared call your doctor, but I'm sure everything is fine. Also with my firsy pregnancy I could never find the heartbeat if I was doing it on myself, I always needed someone else to do it for me.


Maggie - July 3

Also when you do it lay flat on your back with your head slightly elevated, and make sure you use enough gel on your belly.


shelbi - July 3

i rented one from stork radio. it was kind of hard to find at first.. and somehow, baby KNOWS when i'm using it and literally MOVES AWAY!! lol so that can be difficult. i found that it's best to have a FULL bladder.. so drink a gla__s or two of something and wait a few minutes. i thought that i would find the heartbeat higher than it really was, but it was very low.. and sometimes it's on the far left, and sometimes the far right haha! so, try doing it in the middle, right above the pubic hair line, and then work your way side to side. do it slowly though, it's is SO easy to miss the heartbeat. not only that, sometimes, you'll be in the right spot but the doppler 'head' isn't pointing in the right direction, so rotate it around. i'm sure everything is ok. good luck!


AmandaO - July 5

Thanks everybody! I am going to wait it out another two weeks until my appointment. I think I have read too much about missed miscarriages.Thank you so much for your input!



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