Couldn T Find Heartbeat With Doppler

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Hailsa24 - February 16

At 10 weeks. Is this common? or should I worry?


preggoplease - February 16

When I was pregnant with my first, they couldn't find the hb either at 10 weeks, so they did an u/s and we could see it. So this is very normal, my new dr. actually said that most women can't hear it until 12 weeks. So I'm sure everything will be just fine! gl.


christi62504 - February 16

I went for my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and she couldn't find the hb with the doppler either. She also did an unltrasound, and everything was fine. I am just over 11 weeks, and she said that it is common not to pick up the hb with a doppler at this stage in the game.


Hailsa24 - February 16

thank you, thank you, thank you!


jen327 - February 16

Is this your own doppler or the DR. I have one of my own and I had a lot of trouble at 10 weeks. I am 15 weeks now and even today when I was at the OB's office she could not find it, but we did a quick u/s and there it was. Remember that at 10 weeks your baby's heart is the size of a small grape so imagine throwing a grape on the floor and crawling around with your eyes closed, it would be hard. The doppler is a small wave of sound that if it is 1 mm off, won't pick up the heart beat. Anyway, if you are doing it yourself there are some tips I can share with you that really helped me.


Hailsa24 - February 16

Dr. doppler. she said she "might" be able to find it...


angelinakai - February 19

This just happened to me a couple of days ago. I was 9 1/2 weeks and they couldn't find it but we did see it on an ultrasound. I'm sure everything is fine sweetie.


taraleej - February 19

my last doctors apt i was 11 weeks and couldnt find the heartbeat i was in a panic and my doctor told me that its normal..12 weeks is a good time to check...!!!


debbie80 - February 19

This is common...I just had to my 12 week appointment and it took my doctor a while to find it on the doppler. She told me not to freak out if we could not hear it.... but we did like 2 minutes later..she also gave me a ultrasound to make sure things are fine and they are. I would not worry about it..good luck to you and your little one =)


dizoney - February 20

i freaked when we couldnt hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks... doc ordered an u/s and everything was great! he is now 2 years old


aliciavr6 - February 20

I couldn't even at 11 weeks.



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