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Kimmy - April 18

I am 6 weeks pregnant and having cramps daily. They feel like period cramps but they only come when i move a certain way and usually when i am standing ... sitting/laying down seems to make them subside. Has anyone had similar problem? I am sooo worried although I had my first ultrasound and we have a heartbeat and the baby is positioned in my uterus.


SRG - April 18

Hi Kimmy, I am now almost 11 weeks and the cramping is just finally starting to subside. Don't worry it is normal, it is from implantation and all the stretching. You will be fine, just stick it out because it is for a good cause right? Good Luck!


Kimmy - April 18

Thanks so much SRG, I would like to know tho if anyone has had the specific cramping like myself (only with movement or standing). I know it is for a good cause and i am willing to pretty much go thru anything I am sooo excited !


Jolleen - April 18

Kimmy i too have the cramping mainly when i stand for a long time or when ive been walking around alot i was worried also because this is my first pregnancy but from what i hear it is perfectly normal. happy stretching! lol


mel - April 18

I am only 2 weeks and the cramps are coming on strong. only found out today so thought i was coming-on!!!


Kimmy - April 18

yea i felt like i was starting my period also. Anyway i got a message from my doctor today with my ultrasound results, and they were good! She said that the heartbeat was present and that i am 7 weeks today ! My 'official' due date is December the 5th .... Happy Stretching ... lol


Kimmy - April 19

I am 7 weeks 2 days today and it seems that (for today anyway) the cramping has been less frequent, however I am feeling a little more nausea. How is everybody else feeling ?


le - April 27

I am now 17 weeks but my first and second months were full of sharp pain, I had to realize I was pregnant and could not move like before, it will subside, don't worry.


Kimmy - April 28

I am 8 weeks now ... and the cramping has pretty much gone away except for maybe a mild one here and there depending on how i move. I am not experienceing much nausea just a little queeziness in the morning when i am hungry and i have not been THAT tired, i ,ight go to bed just a little earlier than before ... overall lately i dont even feel pregnant (its kinda hard not to worry)


aimeedaniella - April 28

i am only 2 weeks and this cramping is so stressful. I keep thinking that I do not have a healthy pregnancy or that I will have a miscarriage. I don't remember cramping with my first child although that was 7 years ago I hardly rememeber. I wish I could get through this first trimester already or at least know that there is no ectopic or tubal pregnancy. This cramping can really make a person think a million things are wrong. I hope cramping at 2 weeks is normal.


aimeedaniella - April 28

anyone else with cramping at two weeks that has gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?


aimeedaniella - April 28

am i just freaking out here uneccessarily?


Eb - April 28

I have the cramping too Kimmy when I stand for long periods or walk a lot, but from what the nurse told me that could be perfectly normal. I go for my first ultrasound next week, so I am looking forward to hearing a heartbeat. BTW, for the person that says she's only 2 weeks, I think you need to start counting from the first day of your last period. Hope this helps!


Veronica - May 5

Kimmy, I am 7 weeks today and I noticed too that my earlier cramping has subsided. I don't feel very pregnant either. I haven't had an ultrasound yet, so I am very nervous. I hope all goes well for both of us.


jena - May 5

kimmy, i'm due 12/5 also :)


Kimmy - May 5

Hey thats awesome !! You're the first i've met that is due the same day as me :) Have you had any symptoms, or cramping at all ?



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