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Jillian87 - June 1

This is my first pregnancy. about april 10th i took a pregnancy test and it was negetive. about april 20th i had a really heavy period. then i was expecting my period on may 20th but it never came so about may 29th i took two home pregnancy test and they were both positive. i went to the hospital that morning to get a better pregnancy test and the results were positive. is it possible i was pregnant before my period or no?!? i have minor cramping now. and i havnt had a doctors appointment yet. im a little nervous. should i be worried?!? am i really pregnant or could i have had a miscarrage in april?!!? any explaination would be great. im in the military, the doctors here dont seem to care as much as i do. or be of any help ?


Bilmes123 - June 1

Well...I know part of a pregnancy symptom you get some cramping...I had some. But how far along are you? Did they say? Did they take a blood test?


mustangca__sie - June 1

I had a period 6 march then again on 16 april (normal time lapse) then did a test on 24th april and was positive, then i did another 5 testa nd they were all positive. I went for a scan and was told i was 5 weeks pregnant. I'm now 11 weeks and have had period type cramping since the begining. This is normal and caused by your uterus expanding and growing. If you have cramping with bleeding after finding out you are pregnant, that's not good so go to your dr. I have had 2 scans since the first one, one at 7 weeks and one at 9 weeks and both had heartbeats and all the right things in all the right places. Kepp us posted.


Jillian87 - June 2

thank you so much.. well i dont exactly know what week i am in i predicted my 6th week.. counting from the first day of my last period... no they havnt taken a blood test, i still havnt had my first doctors appointment either. im in the military and these doctors could care less. i go this morning to sceduale an appointment and im going to let them know i have cramping and all that. hopefully they do take a blood test. but i have to get the results for my chain of command so they know im honestly pregnant. i will definalty keep you updated and again thank you so much. im trying to keep my hopes up not only for me and the baby but for my mother as well. i think she is more excited than i am. lol o god.


Jillian87 - June 2

By the way congradulations MustangCa__sie!!!


KPIV - June 6

Congrates to both of you for the pregs! Cramping seems to be a normal thing. I had a m/c in April at 61/2 weeks and then got preg before my first period after that. I'm guessing I'm around 8 weeks and I have had period cramps since the begining. they are just starting to deminish. But the other symptoms are really kicking in now. I go in on Tues for my first exam. Fingures crossed this one sticks! Good Luck! Keep us posted!


Teddyfinch - June 7

it is possible to have a period while pregnant. i'd wait to worry until you've had your ultrasound. if it shows you might have been pregnant before the period, then you can ask about it.


Jillian87 - June 19

So i just went and got an ultrasound on June 18th and found out im only 6 weeks and 4 days!!! and saw my little beans heartbeat!! it was sooo relieving and exciting!!!! all the cramping is normal for a first pregnancy she said cause my uterus is not used to haaving something growing in it!!!



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